Houston Alexander explains loss

…well sort of.  You would think by now maybe Houston would say, “You know what, I really need to focus mainly on my ground game.”  Instead, he says, “I just made one mistake.”

The guy has great standup and ferocious striking but every single time it goes to the ground everyone knows what is coming now.  The UFC deserves applause for not protecting him.  I thought it was a great match up to put him in there with a BJJ black belt to see how far Houston’s overall game had progressed.  He’s an exciting fighter with great personality; he would make a great champion and representative of the sport.  But he is going to have to make some dramatic changes.  It really makes fans who are rooting for him angry to see him blow such great potential.

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UFC – Fight Night 15 live results & play-by-play

Houston Alexander vs. Eric Schafer (LHW)
Houston really needs a good showing this fight. It would be nice to see him get out of round one. It would also be nice to see him put on a good performance for his home crowd here in Omaha, Nebraska. The crowd goes nuts for Houston.
Rd.1 – Houston comes out like a hurricane. Big knees to the head of Schafer as he tries for a takedown. Schafer goes for a takedown again. Houston with a couple of leg kicks. Schafer wants none of the stand up. Clinched. Knees from Houston. Schafer shoots again. Finally he gets Alexander down and moves to side control. Houston is caught in the crucifix but Houston gets up then gets caught in a guillotine. He pops out but now gets mounted. Schafer in full mount. Eating elbows. Alexander taking a ton of punishment. Schafer wins by arm triangle with one fucking second left. One fucking second. Very sad for Alexander’s hometown crowd. Schafer dedicates his win to Evan Tanner, his hero.

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Lauzon ready for Bradley in UFC Fight Night 15 Wednesday night in Omaha

Press Release:

E. BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (September 15, 2008) – UFC lightweight contender Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon broke from his native Massachusetts training camp Saturday and headed for Nebraska, where he fights Kyle Bradley (13-5) on Wednesday night (September 17) in UFC Fight Night 15, live from Omaha on Spike TV.

“Training camp was very, very good,” Lauzon said. “This summer, I built a cage in my school (Lauzon MMA), and I’m happy with the way things went. I worked harder for this fight than any other. When I was training with BJ Penn in Hawaii, it was a little tougher to coordinate training partners whereas back home I had 6 to 8 guys jumping up to help every training session. It’s always easier to round up your own guys in your own gym. Training with BJ was great, but for this fight my entire gym was more focused on me in camp than ever before.”

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