Royce Gracie interview at Metamoris 2 *VIDEO* ( reporter Dan “The Wolfman” Theodore caught up with the man himself, Mr. Royce Gracie at Metamoris 2 on Sunday in L.A. It was fitting the man who introduced Gracie Jiu Jitsu to the world at large be present at the event that seems to be taking BJJ to that next level.

Royal vision that led to growth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Abu Dhabi and the World

A seven-month process hosted over six continents to qualify for the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Abu Dhabi next month ended last week in Gramado, Brazil.

San Diego was one of the host cities to the trials not that long ago. That the southern California city is one of the host sites is entirely fitting. It was there, while watching an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) pay-per-view telecast almost two decades ago, that Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed conceived the idea that changed the landscape of grappling arts forever.

UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie coming to DVD and Blu-ray

The History Happens May 10 on Blu-ray™ and DVD BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Considered the most important fighter in mixed martial arts history, Royce Gracie is a legend in the sport he helped define. On May 10, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release UFC®: Ultimate Royce Gracie, an action-packed two-disc tribute to this UFC Hall of … Read more

“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 11 & 12 recap

Well, this is it. Two hours and four fights and we will know who is the newest Ultimate Fighter. We have been teased with the possible return of “Kimbo” all season since his elimination, and will find out tonight if it was a ratings ploy, or if he truly will be back in contention for the title.

The episode starts with Dana White addressing the guys and explaining the possibility of Mitrione maybe not being able to go. Dana calls in “Kimbo” to see his mindset on possibly fighting again, and gives his thoughts on “Kimbo’s” knee injury.

Dana informs viewers that “Kimbo” is suffering from arthritis, but cannot believe that “Kimbo” is turning down a shot for a fight with McSweeney. “Kimbo” explains that he is using his brains instead of his brawn in this decision to not go, and that he will fight another day.

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UFC 100: We’re Just Getting Started

This is a pretty cool look at the impact the UFC has had upon the sport of mixed martial arts. This video entitled “UFC 100: We’re Just Getting Started,” gives a broad overview of the company from it’s Gracie origins up until now. To think about how far the sport of MMA has already come … Read more

Topps UFC Round 1- PRO MMA ( scores!

When I first heard of Topps teaming up with the UFC, I was excited. Being a huge MMA fan, and a former sports card addict, I had mixed feelings about my own participation in collecting these cards.

Needless to say, once the time was close, I contacted a local store in Nashville, Tennessee to the get the scoop. They were expecting them to hit by February 24th, so I waited for that day hoping I may get a chance to get a pack or two a day early, as they were to hit the shelves of hobby stores on the 25th.

I called, they were in, and the rest is history. They only had two boxes, and I handed my debit card over like a kid buying candy with his allowance. On the way back to work I kept wondering, will I get those tickets that are randomly inserted? Will the $200 I just dropped result in anything exciting?

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