Christopher Daniels on how he left TNA, Morale, and more

  Christopher Daniels recently spoke with Aaron Oster of The Baltimore Sun. Here are some highlights: When he realized his contract wouldn’t be renewed: “I didn’t know until the day they told me. I went in to speak with TNA officials the last booking that I had, which was a taping of one of the One Night Only pay-per-views, … Read more

Troll knocked silly by Deontay Wilder thinks he won, wants Mayweather…

We posted the video of Deontay Wilder knocking the hell out of an internet troll who went as far as to insult his daughter with spina bifida. We have included that video underneath this article. Just….seriously….WTF?!?! From TMZ: The Internet troll who got his face BLOWN UP in a real-life fight with boxing champ Deontay Wilder last … Read more

Scary: 6 ft Python bites woman seated on toilet

  A Singapore housewife got the fright of her life when she was bitten by a python hiding in her toilet bowl. Noraslinda Asat was terrifyingly attacked by the 6-foot long serpent after sitting down in her master bedroom’s bathroom last month. The 34-year-old reportedly felt a “sharp pain” — which she soon discovered was coming from … Read more

What happens when a black guy can’t “act black”? Just watch!

  A mockumentary short film, “Thugs, The Musical” is about Michael Gardner (Kevin Avery), a frustrated, sightly delusional, and extremely non-urban black actor who writes, directs & stars in a disastrous musical to prove to Hollywood and the world that he can “act black.” Directed by Liam Sullivan and written by Kevin Avery, the film … Read more

Flashback: 20/20 reporter slapped to ground asking if wrestling is fake

20/20 reporter John Stossel gets smacked to the ground when he asks WWF wrestler “Dr. D (death)” David Schultz if wrestling is fake. On December 28, 1984, Schults’ encounter with Stossel happened while Stossel was backstage at Madison Square Garden doing a story about professional wrestling’s secrets. During an interview Stossel told Schults that he … Read more

Internet troll challenges boxer, gets what he deserves

A lesson for all the trolls out there on the interwebz: When you’re selecting a target for harassment, you probably shouldn’t pick undefeated boxer Deontay Wilder. Charlie Zelenoff selected Wilder as the person he wanted to troll, agreed to meet and fight, and ran for the door like a scared little squirrel – then got beat down. The guy who … Read more

Pics of Bellator’s ‘Revolutionary’ new glove

Earlier this year, Bellator and Everlast teamed up to create the next-generation of MMA fight gloves with the “Powerlock” design. The “Powerlock” glove promotes proper hand form and technique, which can help to reduce the risk of face, hand and wrist injuries by introducing a curved striking surface that aides proper hand form, along with … Read more

Dominick Cruz says return imminent, still best at 135

When Dominick Cruz sustained an injury to his quad his return was delayed. Stripped of the title and sitting on the sidelines Cruz has been working hard to return and prove he is still the best at 135. “The reason why I haven’t given an exact date yet is because I’m trying to piece my … Read more

Dana White says Holm, Carano deals near and Cyborg is possibility

“UFC Tonight aired on Wednesday and UFC President Dana White said that Gina Carano and Holly Holm are no longer an “if”, but “when”.   Finishing with, “Holly Holm and Gina Carano are all a matter of getting a deal done”  He then addressed the possibility of Cyborg Santos competing in the UFC directly. “We know all … Read more