Fan jumps barrier to get to John Cena after RAW – and he’s a dude

A male fan reportedly got excited last night and hopped the barrier at ringside after Monday’s WWE RAW in Memphis. The fan was apparently trying to get to John Cena while he was making his post match rounds, greeting fans after the show went off the air.Reports say it appeared the fan was trying to get to Cena … Read more

Check out what’s hidden on the Episode VII Millenium Falcon in this video

Two of the greatest directors of our time Zack Snyder and JJ Abrams continue their tongue in cheek back and forth film humor. In Abrams Star Trek reboot you can see R2D2 clearly in one of the space shots, and once again he slips one in. Check out what’s hidden on the spaceship in this … Read more

Breaking: WWE releases two NXT wrestlers * UPDATED

Two NXT wrestlers were released today. Prospects Troy McClain and NXT women’s division competitor, Kendall Skye were let go by the WWE in yet another round of budget cuts. Skye noted on Twitter today that she asked for her release. No word on whether McClain requested his. More releases are expected and we will report … Read more

Hector Lombard says Woodley is a “Liar”, ducking him

Hector Lombard spoke to PMN friend Aaron Robbins over at LastWordonSports and he held nothing back. In case you haven’t been following the situation between Hector Lombard, Tyrone Woodley, and the UFC it’s pretty straightforward. The UFC asked Woodley to fight Lombard and he promptly refused with no real reason given. Since then Lombard has become … Read more

Ryan Reynolds opens up about leaked Deadpool footage

One of the most popular comic book characters to never get his own movie is the most cosplayed convention character of all time, Deadpool. The character is a trash talking, whimsical, and brutally deadly assassin beloved by comic fans because of the uniqueness of the persona it brings to life. Recently there was a leak … Read more

Marvel lets slip the official Avengers: Age of Ultron synopsis

It’s official! Marvel has dropped the official synopsis for Avengers: Age of Ultron. The sequel to the insanely popular The Avengers movie will undoubtedly outperform its predecessor, and from the sound of what Marvel released it might even be better. Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero … Read more

Ric Flair hospitalized, WWE to make announcement later

Despite the massive hype by WWE for his appearance at the event, Ric Flair missed WWE NXT Takeover because he was hospitalized. No one is sure what happened except the WWE and they aren’t telling. Flair had several minor surgeries that were described as “not life threatening”. Originally, Flair was booked for this week’s SmackDown tapings … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight Retribution pro tips, noobs of the week

I owned the entire PS4 Blacklight Retribution universe this weeked. I came in first 90 percent of the time at a minimum over 20 games. Haters gonna hate. PS4 gamer tag: Seanmcclureky Title: Harbinger of Death PRO TIP #1 First off, I own with so small a number of deaths because I am smart about … Read more