Our ‘What You Think’ game featuring the top 4 useless martial arts in fighting

Here we take a look at the 4 worst traditional martial arts in terms of real fighting. We play the What your friends / you think you do and then we hit you with reality. We tried to keep it realistic in the what really happens department so no streetfights with pretenders. Enjoy. 4. Taekwondo … Read more

Top 4 Crazy Things MMA Legend don Frye has said recently

Don Frye is a legend – he is also a bit crazy. Frye is known for an aggressive style, professional wrestling build, and one hell of a mustache. Don Frye once asked God, “Bro do you even lift?” Okay so we made that up completely but still though, he probably said that. Don is a … Read more

Dave Chappelle finally addresses disappearance from show in Letterman video

  ProMMANow.com loves us some Dave Chappelle now, and we were just as confused when he disappeared from his sketch comedy show that was basically a license to print money on Comedy Central. Pressed by David Letterman about his decision to walk away from tens of millions of dollars, Chappelle spoke candidly, saying he has a … Read more

The most insane, overpriced, and funniest reviewed book on Amazon

BIRTH CONTROL IS SINFUL IN THE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES and also ROBBING GOD OF PRIESTHOOD CHILDREN! This gem of a book is available on Amazon and the holy spirit filled this Jezebel slapping daughter of the most high God with the power of caps. Not only that but her abilities in run-on sentences is unrivaled and … Read more

Diaz camp has harsh words for Diego Sanchez after call outs

In a statement made to MMAMAnia.com, Nate Diaz’s manager discussed the recent attempts to goad his client to fight by Diego Sanchez. After Diego’s controversial win, robbery of a Pearson paycheck, over the weekend the TUF winner used his post-fight interview to call out Diaz again. Diaz’s camp’s response? “Diego isn’t important enough to warrant a response. He should … Read more

WWE rant, and finally some good news for the Network

The WWE Network is struggling to stay afloat. The WWE product in general is struggling to keep viewers. Never before has it been more obvious that the WWE should not have become a publicly traded company. The product is rated G 99% of the time and we have to endure ridiculous amounts of plugs for … Read more

Hilarious video of Vince McMahon turned on by body builder

Sometimes fans get it right in parody video creation. Check out this video featuring Vince McMahon getting turned on by a very ripped bodybuilder. This is obviously a play on his love for well built, larger wrestlers. It’s no secret that he would sign a less than stellar wrestler that has a great physique over … Read more

Belfort finally confesses about surprise drug test

Vitor Belfort

This past February Vitor Belfort was hit with a surprise drug test and the results remained a mystery – until now.  The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion hit up followers to Instagram with the following: “In anticipation for my hearing before the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), I want to address questions concerning a drug … Read more