7 memorable injuries that happened in pro wrestling

Pro wrestling is fake. That statement was one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world until the WWE came along. Once cartoon gimmicked wrestlers, high flyers, unrealistic moves, and ridiculous storylines started to emerge the writing was on the wall as far as fans believing it was real. Don’t get me wrong it … Read more

WWE confiscates signs at RAW, threatens arrest, kicks fans out! Matt Hardy slams show

SENILE? INSANE? POWER HUNGRY? – Yes to all! The WWE has gotten worse since Vince has gotten older. He has lost touch with reality to the point that the confiscation of signs has become a mainstay. Believe it or not, a fan’s sign that read, “I could Be Home Watching Nitro… for $9.99” was removed … Read more

CM Punk furious over this leaked wedding photo

CM Punk is livid over the fact someone leaked a photo from his marriage to AJ Lee. Punk was very adamant that this remain a private affair. Despite the security more than one picture surfaced of them, but this one is the most widely circulated. Maybe it’s because it shows CM Punk happy. God forbid … Read more

Flashback Friday: The tournament that built today’s Shogun Rua

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

Shogun Rua is one of the best fighters to ever have his hands taped in MMA. He has always looked the part of the nice guy wh0 knocks people out much like Fedor. He was a virtual unknown before his run in the IFC promotion, competing in its 8 man tournament. Eventually he would lose … Read more

FRIDAY UPDATE: WWE Legend Jake Roberts unconscious at hospital

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “the Snake” Roberts is currently unconscious in a hospital in Las Vegas, according to Raj Giri of Wrestling INC. Roberts flew to Vegas yesterday for an event but passed out on the plane. He has been unconscious since. An ambulance took Roberts from the plane to a nearby hospital. Giri added … Read more

Another WWE employee gets the axe

Well, ladies and gents NO ONE is safe at the WWE HQ nowadays and we mean white collar executives, too. Alberto Del Rio was canned and that was a pretty significant event in and of itself, but when they start firing VP’s – look the hell out. Remember this post we reported as it happened? … Read more