Woodley ready for GSP in champ vs. champ bout not Bisping

Slow your roll playa.

Current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is banking on a money fight with returning former welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre. GSP is scheduled to face current middleweight champion Michael Bisping later this year if all pieces remain in place, which hasn’t set well with the congestion of middleweight contenders laying in wait. Woodley doesn’t believe Bisping is going to be victorious and if you look at Woodley’s interviews for the past 3-4 months the true desire for him is a money fight with GSP.

In fairness, Michael Bisping could have faced Woodley if he wanted to by giving Tyron a crack at his 185 pound title. Georges is the bigger fight for both UFC champs in their public opinions and even Dana has stated that he agrees. Obviously since he made the Bisping vs. St. Pierre bout official with haste and gusto.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated Woodley made his intentions of a bout with St. Pierre the topic of conversation again.

I wanted to fight one more time, I was being greedy. I wanted to go out here and beat Demian Maia and I wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre in November in New York City. This would’ve been the greatest year competitively, and after I beat Georges, there is no question that I’ll be Fighter of the Year. I fight five title fights in 18 months and beat the greatest welterweight of all time, nobody has done anything like that in our sport. My brother-in-law just asked me who I’m fighting next and I said you know what, if he wins I’m going up there to fight him cause you can’t keep running from me.

Wow. GSP running from anyone is hard to envision. What do you think? Is GSP at middleweight for an “easy win” over Bisping, is the 170 pound weight cut too hard, or is he really ducking Woodley?

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