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Jason Knight plans to ‘shock the world’ at UFC 214

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It was announced earlier this month that Jason “The Kid” Knight (17-2) would be filling in for an injured “Korean Zombie” against No. 3 ranked featherweight Ricardo Lamas (17-5) at UFC 214 on July 29 in Anaheim. This is just the kind of fight a hungry up-and-comer dreams of to break him into the top tier of the division and put his name in the hat as a legitimate title contender. Knight is currently riding a four-fight winning streak and has won performance bonuses in three of those fights. Pro MMA Now caught up with the Mississippi submission ace to get his thoughts on the matchup and find out how he’s been spending all that bonus money.

Pro MMA Now: Hi Jason, thanks for speaking with us. It just got announced that you’ll be facing No. 3 ranked featherweight Ricardo Lamas at UFC 214 next month. How stoked are you right now?

Jason Knight: I couldn’t be happier, this is a big opportunity for me. I’m hoping to rise to the occasion.

Pro MMA Now: How did this fight come together and when did you find out you would be filling in for The Korean Zombie?

Jason Knight: Me and my coach we’re going over fight options around the time The Korean Zombie got hurt, as soon as I heard Korean Zombie needed a fill-in I told my coach I wanted that fight. Two days later he told me he had confirmed the fight.

Pro MMA Now: What were you doing when you got the news you got the fight?

Jason Knight: I was sitting around watching TV with my fiancee and my son when I got the text message that I would be fighting Ricardo Lamas.

Pro MMA Now: What are your thoughts on Lamas as an opponent and what he’s done in the octagon?

Jason Knight: I think Lamas will be a very tough opponent and I have the utmost respect for him and what he has accomplished.

Pro MMA Now: How do you see the fight playing out?

Jason Knight: I see the fight most likely being a hard fought war that will probably get us “fight of the night” and I plan to get my hand raised.

Pro MMA Now: You’ve won “performance of the night” bonuses in both your last fights — that’s twice so far in 2017! How are you spending all that bonus money?!

Jason Knight: I’ve been spending that bonus money paying off my house and any other debt also I bought a few toys here and there.

Pro MMA Now: Are you expecting a third “performance of the night” bonus against Lamas? That would be incredible.

Jason Knight: I plan on going out there and fighting my ass off and if that gets me the bonus that would be great.

Pro MMA Now: How long have you been training with Alan Belcher and how has he influenced you as a person and fighter?

Jason Knight: I have been training with Alan Belcher since age 16. He has helped shape me into the fighter and the person that I am today, him along with a lot of others have kept me out of a lot of trouble.

Pro MMA Now: What advice would you give to younger fighters who are out there dreaming of one day fighting in the UFC?

Jason Knight: I would tell younger fighters that they have to want it really really bad and they can’t ever let someone tell them it can’t be done. They have to believe in themselves and no matter what the ups and downs are they have to keep pushing.

Pro MMA Now: What does your morning routine look like?

Jason Knight: Wake up GO train, I’m doing my best to get better everyday.

Pro MMA Now: What’s the best piece of advice you ever got and who was it from?

Jason Knight: If you want to be a UFC fighter you got to train like a UFC fighter. From Alan Belcher.

Pro MMA Now: Thanks for your time Jason. Any parting words for your fans out there?

Jason Knight: Thanks to everyone for your support pay attention July 29th I’m going to shock the world.

Follow Jason Knight on Twitter at @Jasonthekid23

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