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Dominic Clark: Full Speed Ahead

dominic clark weighs in

Dominic “All Day” Clark fights in the California Xtreme Fighting tournament this weekend in Burbank, Calif. But before that, the top West Coast prospect sat down with Pro MMA Now.

How has camp been going for this fight?

It’s been great. I’ve made a couple additions to the team that are really paying off. I’m excited to show off my improvements on Saturday. I added an excellent strength-and-conditioning coach, and I also added a Team Victory coach to my team. Those two additions have been tremendous.

So is this the most excited you’ve been for a fight in a while?

You know, it is. I’m more excited about being a part of this great tournament that California Xtreme Fighting is putting on, and I’m really excited to show my improvements. I’m looking to show that my last loss was just a little speed bump, and I’m going full speed ahead.

What are you expecting out of yourself when the cage door locks?

I’m expecting an explosive veteran. Going into my 17th fight, I’m expecting to use my experience and also using my tools, like athleticism and explosiveness. I’m looking forward to putting it all together.

Do you have any celebrations planned?

Not really; this is just the first of three fights I hope to have in this tournament. There’s a nice mix of top prospects and crafty veterans. This is just Step 1 in a three-step process. I’m going to get that belt. But first things first. Round 1 is Saturday.

What would this tournament victory mean to you?

Validation, especially here on the regional scene. I’ve put streaks together and had a hiccup, put streaks together and had a hiccup. Now, I’m looking forward to putting a streak together and putting an exclamation point on it. Not to look too far ahead, but it will validate that I can compete on that next level.

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