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The problem with YouTube ‘Self Defense’ videos with examples

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Traditional martial arts moves have been proven to be ineffective in a real fight with someone who knows what they are doing. I’m not saying they are worthless but others in MMA would definitely say that for me. I was in a McDojo and while we took kids from shy to confident and their grades from low to high – I realized one thing. I did not have a clue what I was doing in terms of real fighting.

I started training at Jorge Gurgel’s gym and before I knew it I was sparring with UFC guys coming in and out preparing for fights. Check me out at the end of TUF 2’s finale hype video and I get a shout out in another TUF season. The point? I learned and I had to learn quick. Not once did I ever even have the slightest feeling that anything I learned would save me from the onslaught of punches that were coming my way. It was a rude awakening.

Then I went on YouTube and realized that not only do schools teach these stock self defense moves, but there are thousands of videos proclaiming these to be effective, which is irresponsible in my opinion.

Here are the common rebuttals and excuses from practitioners:

  • You’re just not doing it right
  • Your teacher taught it wrong
  • These are illegal in MMA and that’s why you aren’t using them.
  • Come to my gym and see what happens.

Those are a few and all from people in denial. Those moves make them money. Why? Because they look cool and you can look cool doing them. They are epic fail for a few reasons.

  • The attacker is willingly giving you their body
  • They are cooperating
  • They are attacking how they are supposed to
  • They stop attacking when they are supposed to. Often one punch and then defender goes all Chuck Norris on an immobile attacker.
  • No one attacks like they train you to defend against in real life.

My son took martial arts at a place that taught him what to do defending against an attacker and what to say. It was invaluable and I am not diminishing the importance of that training. Adults on the other hand need to be defending against an active attacker who is attacking the way they instinctively feel like doing.

Example one is self defense for women. If you train any combat martial arts you will laugh at this. If you see this as legitimate then you are probably practicing these and believe they will work.

This one hurts. This is an “MMA” channel that is promoting this unrealistic garbage.

Finally, this is the worst. In this video you will see all of the traits of BS self defense being masqueraded as legit. Watch for a few things.

  • The instructor takes a real effective combo and modifies it to ninja it up.
  • He drops his hands.
  • He looks away after and pauses which is a trained self defense habit with instructors.
  • The defender is not moving.
  • The defender is not in a real fighting stance.
  • The defender doesn’t react.

This is garbage in disguise.

What do they have in common? They all look cool and believable, but they will get you beaten up in a real scrap. They work in a safe environment and maybe against real attacks in the same style. Don’t be fooled. YouTube is full of this trash and you could, if not careful, buy in to it.

Find a real gym. Train. Survive.

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