WTF: Dean Ambrose will fight ‘anyone’ in UFC…for a price

ambrose sheamus steel cageDean leaps off the top of the cage

The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose actually told The Sun that he is interested in a MMA fight, but only if he is paid half a million dollars.

I’ll fight anyone for enough money. Give me half-a-million dollars. Put them in the ring, I’ll do it right now, I’ll do it tonight.

He is currently the WWE Intercontinental champion and a performer on Monday night RAW. He also revealed that he was in a serious bike accident only a week out from WrestleMania 33. He stated that he hurtled high in the air while his bike bounced hard off the ground.

I’m big into mounting biking. I actually crashed my mountain bike about a week ago very badly. I thought I was going to die. I fell over the handlebars, full on ninja roll, I flew like 8ft into the air. I thought I probably shouldn’t be doing this a week before WrestleMania. You have to immediately get back on. I crashed on a downhill, you have to just continue. If you stop and think about it too long you’ll psych yourself out.

Fans love Dean Ambrose, but most would probably agree that MMA would not work out well for him.

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