Talking with rising flyweight ‘Columbian Queen’ Sabina Mazo


Columbian flyweight Sabina Mazo delivered one of the most brutal head kick knockouts we’ve ever seen in a women’s MMA fight this past weekend when she stopped Jamie Thorton in the first round at LFA 9 in Oklahoma. With that win, the 20-year-old improved her record to 3-0. Sabina took some time after the fight to answer a few of our questions about her performance, personal life, journey so far and future plans.

What got you into MMA? What is your combat sport background and how does it feel to achieve so much at such a young age?

I’ve been a really active person and I loved the adrenaline since I was a little girl. My lifestyle is always surrounded by sports. I saw a kickboxing class in a gym and I tried it… since that moment I just loved it, and I searched for a academy and never stopped since that moment. Jiujitsu, boxing and Muay Thai are my background sport. It feels really good to accomplish my goals and be able to follow my dream!

Did people around you support the decision of taking this sport as a career? What are the biggest challenges that you have faced?

All my family have supported me and all my friends, even in school they always helped me! Debuting professional as a teenager is one of the biggest challenges I have ever had, and moving alone to USA.

You returned after over a year to the cage. Why did you take such a long break? Did this break affect your performance and what were the emotions going through your head when you entered the cage?

I was not competing MMA but I don’t stop training and competing, I grew more on my game and competed on BJJ, kickboxing, boxing and this time helped me to improve as a fighter. I was excited to come back to the cage I was calmed and looking forward for the victory!

You returned against finish specialist Jamie Thorton. She had finished all her opponents in the very first round. Did you see this fight ending up in the way it did? What are your thoughts on your performance?

Yes I was thinking on finishing the fight by controlling the distance and dominating her game and that way I could find the perfect timing. I think it is was a good performance, but I will improve more and more.

Here’s a look at the finish…

You hold a perfect record. Does being undefeated boost your confidence or add more pressure? 

I don’t think about that… I just see every fight as a battle and a opportunity to keep moving forward and accomplish my goals

UFC does not have a flyweight division; however, Dana White said that they might create one in near future. Would you consider moving up to the bantamweight division for a UFC shot sooner?

I go step by step, UFC is my goal but I am not thinking about that, I just enjoy every moment of this journey.

What are your next plans? Whom would you want to face?

Prepare for next fight, whoever comes I will be ready, I am not looking for someone specific.

Many know you by the name “Colombian Queen”. What is the story behind it and do you think you will be the one who sets Colombia on the MMA map by becoming the first ever MMA world champion?

“Colombia Queen” it’s because I am from Colombia and from Kings MMA so I decided to put both… I know I can represent Colombia very good and one day be on the top.

One of the most discussed topics in MMA today is fighter pay. What are your thoughts on the pay made by an average MMA fighter? What are your thoughts on fighter union? Will you join the union if given a chance?

I just have 3 fights so I am new on the business, I don’t have enough arguments to give about a average fighters pay or the fighter union.

What is your message to everyone who wants to take MMA as a career?

Have discipline, and values and great things will come.

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