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Current RAW viewership numbers for 2017

According to’s WWE RAW numbers the show has been up and down in terms of ratings. RAW seems to have peaked thus far on April 3rd which just so happens to be the night after WrestleMania. It usually spikes on the post-WrestleMania RAW and slowly dips until around SummerSlam or there is a surprise nostalgia return.
January 2nd Episode: 3.046 million viewers
January 9th Episode: 2.907 million viewers
January 16th Episode: 3.271 million viewers
January 23rd Episode: 3.292 million viewers
January 30th Episode: 3.615 million viewers
February 6th Episode: 3.115 million viewers
February 13th Episode: 3.087 million viewers
February 20th Episode: 3.216 million viewers
February 27th Episode: 3.093 million viewers
March 6th Episode: 3.216 million viewers
March 13th Episode: 3.232 million viewers
March 20th Episode: 3.048 million viewers
March 27th Episode: 3.292 million viewers
April 3rd Episode: 3.767 million viewers
April 10th Episode: 3.429 million viewers

RAW actually lost to the O’Reilly factor and that is something that pretty much never happens. RAW is in need of an overhaul. Will it happen? Probably not anytime soon, but there is always hope!
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