Tony Ferguson calls out and threatens McGregor


On the The MMA Hour Tony Ferguson slammed Conor McGregor and threatened an ass whoopin when the lightweight champ returns.

 This is the fight game, I ain’t worried about no one that isn’t talking about me. That dude does not want any part of me. That dude got beat by number five in the world, Nate Diaz. Everybody is talking about him being the best. He got beat by number five, I’m number two and I am the only name that you haven’t thrown out there in the wind. It’s like a fart that’s going to come back at you. It’s going to hit you hard. Honestly, he doesn’t want any part of this. Like I said, go ahead, you get a little pass from me. Enjoy your family time, do your thing, enjoy your life. You have some money, go ahead, spend it, do your thing, relax, enjoy your time and try to find you. And while you’re doing that, I am going to be over here wrecking this shit, me and my crew. Then we’re going to go on to the next stage, when you come back, we’re going to wreck your ass. I’m going to stay here and be ready. When I had my baby I didn’t take a leave of absence. I manned up, did my thing and I fought. I’m just here doing what I had to do. I’m not responsible for anyone else besides me and my family.

Ferguson has won an amazing nine straight and for some reason he isn’t guaranteed the next title shot. He believes it is owed to him.

 Yeah, it has to be. Give me a damn belt. I don’t want that 155-pound belt, they have to recycle that bitch. I’m glad Conor has that one because he can enjoy that as much as he wants to. I know fatherhood is a great thing, so I can appreciate that. Enjoy your time, do your thing, do whatever you got to do and when you come back, we will be ready for you. The 155-pound belt has had so many grubby hands on it. No one has secured a legacy for the 155-pound division. All the champions the guys way back then, the guys, you know, Georges St-Pierre at 170, we have 185 for Anderson Silva, we have B.J. Penn. Nobody has really secured it at 155 pounds for more than three years. There needs to be a real champion there, and that’s me.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is certain it is him despite a two year run of fight cancellations due to injuries. We’ll see who gets it in the end.

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