4 really disturbing moments in WWE history

WWE has had some really disturbing moments in its long run in an effort to spike the ratings, some worse than others. Here are four really good examples of how bad it could get.

Eugene gets shaved 

This happened in the lead up to Wrestlemania 23 aka “The Battle of the Billionaires” that had the stipulation that either Donald Trump or Vince McMahon would have to have their head shaved. On March 19, 2007 RAW Eugene faced Umaga but lost after being distracted by the barber’s pole. Think about that, let it sink in, shake your head, and now we’re moving on. Eugene got demolished and was forced to lose his hair. In the storyline WWE had a disabled person strapped to a chair and crying while Vince taunted him. It was a sickening moment because of how insensitive it was and disturbing to younger viewers.


Patterson and Brisco feel up Chyna

In 1999 Chyna wrestled a handicap match against the stooges Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. During this match they temporarily blinded the female wrestler and then, while she couldn’t see, fondled her butt and then gave her breasts a touchy feely bounce with their hands. She came back and destroyed them, but it felt like a college date gone wrong you see on the news. It was creepy and uncalled for.


Dennis Knight gets sacrificed

Knight was Mideon after he was “sacrificed” by Undertaker and was reborn by drinking what was apparently Taker’s blood. It was a little off the wall and very unsettling for parents to be watching with their kids. Let’s face it, if you were a parent and let your pre-teens watch RAW in the Attitude Era you were a BAD parent.

Terry Runnels has a miscarriage

January 4th 1999 was one of the most uncomfortable WWE TV programs ever. Mick Foley won his first ever WWE title but it was overshadowed by one thing. Terry Runnels was storyline pregnant and during a match with D-Lo brown she got knocked to the floor and started writhing in pain. Backstage a doctor proclaimed she lost the baby and not one fan could figure out why that was entertaining. I know three people who have had miscarriages and if they had them back in 1999 and watched RAW it would have been rage inducing for all of us. I refuse to put a video up for this because it is down right WRONG.

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