TJ Dillashaw calls out Joe Rogan for biased commentary and asks Cruz for rematch

Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw
Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw

Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillshaw fought an incredible fight against Dominick Cruz in the UFC Fight Night 81 main event on Sunday night. Dillashaw lost a razor close split decision against Cruz to lose the title against the guy that never really lost the title. Dillashaw was gracious in defeat and admitted the fight was close, but felt like it was his fault for letting the fight be that close. However, he has since had a chance to watch the fight for himself and believes that UFC commentator Joe Rogan was heavily biased in favor of Dominick Cruz during the fight. Dillashaw took to his Instagram account:

Man I’m so lucky that I get to do what I love everyday of my life and put on shows for the world. Love being a martial artist and the person it has made me. Like me or hate me for what ever reason and think what ever you believe to be true, I just appreciate you watching and hope you enjoyed that fight. Congrats to Cruz for enduring everything he has and being able to come out and perform at his best, true respect for his determination and athletic ability. I know everyone has their right to their own opinion but as I laid in bed the last two nights not able to sleep thinking how I lost that fight baffled me. Not saying that it was a robbery because I knew that it was a close fight and have no one to blame but myself for leaving it that fu#king close. Did not fight my best and definitely things I could have done different laying there thinking to myself. Finally got a chance to watch the fight on my flight home today and after watching I’m even more confident I won that fight! Even the two rounds I was initially giving to him were much closer when I rewatched it, to be fair I gave my self three rounds but have no problem saying I won four rounds. @joerogan might need to go back and watch it again to hear how biased he was commentating, I agree with you it was a good close fight but think you picked Cruz before the fight started. HOLY SHIT WHAT A GOOD FIGHT! Better than I remember and want to do it again. Please Cruz, don’t retire and give me that shot so I can get back what I believe is mine. @ufc

I felt that Rogan was biased a bit as well and he usually is because this is not the first time a fighter has accused Rogan of being biased during his commentary. Do you agree that Rogan is biased with his commentary?

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  • Fr0ntSight

    It was definitely a close fight and I think he did win mainly because he was the one pushing the pace the entire time. Hopefully he gets his rematch.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Rogan was definitely biased…in favour of TJ. Specially for the first 3 rounds. TJ is out of his mind here. Being a very sore loser.

  • Sarah

    My mother who doesn’t even watch UFC fights often picked up in Joe Rogans biased attitude towards Cruz. We were all baffled by it. Anyone that didn’t notice it or thinks it was towards TJ only heard what they wanted to hear.

  • Chugach_Champion

    My opinion was that Rogan was super positive toward Dillishaw, even when TJ’s kicks and shots were glancing off or close misses.

    I’m not sure the judges even hear the commentary.

  • uniquename72

    No one who lets a fight (especially a TITLE fight) go to a decision should ever cry about how they should have won.

    If the fight goes all 5 rounds, you’ve both lost.

    Also, Rogan’s not a judge — his job isn’t to kiss anyone’s a$$ except Dana’s.

  • Kim

    Couldn’t agree more Bruce Wayne. TJ needs to stop being a little bitch and maybe watch the fight again.

  • KelvinHunt

    Dillashaw said it was his fault allowing the fight to go to the judges…Rogan isn’t a judge…but he does have a habit of picking one particular fighter and only highlighting what that particular fighter is doing well at lot of times IMO

  • Epic Collision

    Nope, heard the words, are you sure about the words meanings.

  • Terry Casey

    Tj lost…great fight but he Lost for sure…Cruz was just not there when TJ came looking..

  • Sonnodeldrago

    Pushing the pace is not always a benefit. Cruz was exerting just as much, if not more, energy staying elusive from TJs attacks. So one guy can push as fast& hard as he wants but if the pace doesn’t get him anywhere, then it doesnt really matter.

  • KelvinHunt

    All things considered…I think pushing the pace in the fight should get the nod over dancing around..they landed nearly the same amount of strikes(Dillashaw landed like 10 more total strikes) wouldn’t you agree?

    I think Dillashaw landed the heavier strikes too…making a guy miss doesn’t win the fight when you aren’t outscoring him striking wise either…Cruz did nothing with the takedowns…a couple of them shouldn’t really be counted as takedowns because TJ got up immediately as well…