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Watch Jon Jones deadlift 500 pounds!

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones‘ return to the Octagon has yet to be announced, but the pound-for-pound king has been busy weightlifting and bulking up in anticipation of a future at heavyweight. Watch Jones put some meat on them “Bones” and build muscle as he deadlifts 500 freakin pounds. Get swole yo.

  • KelvinHunt

    Shit…I did 430 lbs in high school….

  • Serious? You were also a high level ball player and a big dude! For the average guy, you may as well be asking them to lift a house, it’s not gonna ever happen.

  • KelvinHunt

    Yea man…however, at the time I was 6′ 1″ 170 pounds….now..I’m only 6’2″ 205…lol…I will say that it is more difficult for Jones to do massive amounts of weight because of how tall/long his limbs are…

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