Dana White finally comments on firing Chael Sonnen

Dana White UFCUFC President Dana White had been mute on the recent news that former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen had been fired from the UFC and also by FOX Sports. However, White commented on the situation in the latest edition of “The Download” on the UFC website:

“It’s very hard for me because I care about him a lot as a friend,” White said in an exclusive interview with UFC.com on Tuesday. “I like Chael Sonnen, so it’s a tough one, man. He had four banned substances in his body, so what are you going to do?”

“The hardest part about it is that Chael Sonnen is a very intelligent guy and look what it’s done. It’s just terrible,” White continued. “If it happened to a guy that was not as bright, you’re like, it’s unfortunate but the guy isn’t very bright.’ You have to be a real stupid f****** idiot to mess around with drugs right now in this sport.”

There you have it from the UFC boss. It’ll be interesting to see if things stay the same between White and Sonnen. White has a history of giving people he likes a second chance. For example, White inducted Stephan Bonnar into the UFC Hall of Fame after TWO failed drug tests during his UFC career. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sonnen involved with the UFC at some point in the future.

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