Floyd Mayweather deserved the decision win over Marcos Maidana

floyd mayweather weigh-inThe Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana entire boxing card was one of the best boxing cards I’ve seen in a while. However, the main event stole the show, in part because Maidana brought the fight to Mayweather like no one has in quite some time. However, Mayweather proved why he’s arguably the best ever in the game with his ability to make in fight adjustments after weathering an early storm.

ProMMAnow.com scored the bout in favor of Mayweather, and I personally scored the bout seven rounds to five in favor of him as well. Granted, there were a couple of rounds that were extremely close and probably could have gone either way.

Maidana took control right from the start with good pressure involving volume punches with Mayweather against the ropes or in the corner where he did most of his damage. The question is did Mayweather stay on the ropes to give the fans an exciting fight or was Maidana forcing him there by cutting off the ring? It’s hard to say, but Mayweather was able to stay off the ropes for the most part after the first few rounds.

It’s incredible to think that Maidana could throw double the amount of punches(800 +) and still lose the fight. However, that’s exactly what happened with Mayweather throwing just over 400 punches. The problem for Maidana is that Mayweather landed over half of them. He also landed the more cleaner/powerful looking shots, in particular his patented lead right hand and incredible punches to the body. Those punches to the body may ultimately be the deciding factor in what got Mayweather the win. Those punches began to take their toll on Maidana about halfway through the bout, which is where Mayweather began to string a series of impressive rounds together after a slow start.

Was it a close fight? Absolutely. However, it’s a boxing match, not a street fight which Maidana tried to make it at times(which I believe is the right game plan to defeat Mayweather). The fact that Maidana thew that many punches and only landed just over 30% of them is an impressive feat in itself for Mayweather.

I think Maidana fought about as well as he could and still wasn’t able to get the win. If they fight again as it was suggested in the post-fight interviews, I tend to think Mayweather will win that fight rather convincingly.

How did you score the fight?

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  • freedom634

    I don’t know what fight the author of this post was watching but it was not what I saw. First off Maidana was the aggressor in every round. With Mayweather backing up or running, for a better term. The only picture you will ever see is the one good shot Mayweather got in the later rounds but Maidana was moving back and received no damage. Too look at Mayweather’s face will tell any boxing fan the real story he obviously took the worst of it. Maidana no marks no bruising or swelling. The punches I counted had Mayweather 25 less then I’m seeing in the media with really only about 10% power punches by Mayweather. Needless to say I was disappointed in the performance of Mayweather. Not good at all for someone I was ready to anoint as the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time(knocking Sugar Ray Robison of that pedestal) well sadly NOT TODAY. The glove issue, come on man how soft do you need them. I guess its true Mayweather probably would have been counted out in the 8th or 9th had the legal gloves been used. Well Mayweather will have to fight him again and win convincingly to legitimize his record in my mind because that was not close to a win for him.

  • KelvinHunt

    Guess you haven’t seen any videos of Mayweather post-fight..dude barely had a scratch on him besides the cut caused by a headbutt…just some slight redness around one of his eyes…just because a guy comes forward winging punches doesn’t mean anything…lol…Mayweather fought Maidana’s fight for half the fight and still won…and if you couldn’t tell that Mayweather landed the cleaner punches…well…we’ll just agree to disagree…just because a guy was competitive or performs better than most opponents against Mayweather…doesn’t mean he won the fight…like I said…I had it 7-5…I didn’t say Mayweather destroyed him..but he certainly was the more effective fighter in there.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Freedom634

    I respect your opinion you are right we’ll disagree to disagree. I paid my $75 to see the fight, I have watched and continuing to watch videos. I still have not seen punch count the way the media is reporting. I have a hard time with the a ledged head but more like a left hook to start the blood flowing. More like a head tap no blood at that time. Of course ther’e going to clean him up before cameras are too close but he was still looking bad for ‘TBE’. Even worst then Bronher(spelling) did after his fight with Maidana. Hey it’s Mayweather he is Showbox boxing and I was expecting to see a dominant performance on what some people have called a Class B fighter. Mayweather fought the fight that Maidana allowed him to fight. Of course grabbing when it got tough. Every round Maidana had him on the ropes even those the judges gave to him. I am old enough to remember the true ‘TBE’ (robinson) and Mayweather based on his performance Saturday ain’t there. The biggest mistake Maidana made was going in 17 or 18 lbs heavy slowed him in the later rounds. Mayweather’s pretty punches didn’t slow Maidana it was the decision too allow him to add so much weigh. Again there has to be a rematch and a domineering performance by Mayweather to legitimize ‘TBE’.

  • PMN

    Shut the fuck up.

  • Frank Walters