Cyborg on Rousey – ‘Make it happen Daddy’

Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce
Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce

Was anyone not expecting a Cris Cyborg question at tonight’s post fight press conference? We are just a day removed from the Invicta FC featherweight champion stating that she plans on moving down to 135 pounds. Shortly after the UFC 170 main event she sent this tweet to Dana White.

White isn’t one to make fights happen immediately following an event. He did say that Cyborg would need to make weight and fight at 135 pounds a couple of times before a jump to the UFC would be possible.

Will we see Cyborg vs. Rousey in 2014? If this fight happens is this the biggest fight in UFC history? Time will tell. Right now all we can do is sit and wait.


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  • KelvinHunt

    For the love of all GOD…I HAVE to see this fight.

  • Craig Mack

    I think Rousey is the one that will finally put her away. Rarely anyone gives Rousey enough props for her strength, athleticism, and technique. I think every other big fight Cyborg has had were for shotty organizations, and that she got away with a lot of doping (especially the fact she looks like Wanderlei’s twin brother). I think between the organization of the UFC, the weight cut, and the fact that she really hasn’t had real competition in a few years now, and even while she did, how much integrity were behind the promotions (and doping). I think and hope that Rousey has the tenacity to defeat this modern day bogeywoman. I am positive she is not scared of her, which I think in an Anderson Silva sort of way, most of Cyborg’s opponents lost the fight before the bell rung. That will not happen with Rousey in the red tape. She will come out like a crazed animal trying to take her head off, which I honestly believe Cyborg has not dealt with since her first couple of fights, and who knows how she will handle being the one not pushing forward 100% of the time. A lot of variables, a lot of questions, I hope Justino can make weight (and not die, as Tito so elegantly put it) so we can see this fight happen late 14, or maybe the night before the next Superbowl. I have reached a point where I enjoy a high level women’s MMA fight the same if not better than two men competing. They are so technical and vicious, that they are a truly exciting to watch in action.

  • Ray Chavez

    cyborg needs to get off the juice to fight anyone she don’t deserve a championship fight.

  • Wrok

    She hasn’t been on the “juice” for years fucktard. Just shut the fuck up.

  • and you are her tester?

  • Craig Mack

    I can guarantee working with Tito during layoffs, that she received some special chemicals along the way. Don’t delude yourself either, their are still PED’s out there that do not show up on standardized testing yet, and this woman truly looks, sounds, and has the bone structure of a man. Look at her earlier fights, even her breast tissue has diminished, and her body doesn’t even look like the figure of a natural women, besides a lot of the organizations she has been involved with as of late. Would never put her in a position where she would get busted, because it would be a true financial disaster if something like that ever surfaced. I am not trying to piss you off, but there is a definite chance that she has used gear as recently as today. You have no way to defend her and say that she has absolutely not taken “juice” as you put it. It is impossible for you to verify.

  • Mike H

    She needs to stay clean with 6 months of weekly drug tests first.
    She is a discrace to WMMA as it stands. Just look at Gina Carano’s face after they fought. Women don’t have that kind of power unless they are juicing.
    And the UFC should stay the hell away from her.

  • This fight MUST happen!

  • KelvinHunt

    I don’t understand the double standard….folk hate Cyborg….but will watch cheaters like Overeem, Belfort, and Barnett….and not say a word? Laughable….

  • Mike H

    Overeem has been off the stuff since comming to the UFC and it shows.
    Belfort has a TRT exemption(Which I disagree with)
    Barnett’s work ethic is so bad it dosent help him anyway.

    What’s laughable is you responding to my comment on Cyborg with crap I dont even believe in…..

  • chamboknows

    you’re clueless Mike

  • Mike H

    Yea because you say so…..
    You’re post is full of information isn’t it?

  • James Mckaskle

    She is on juice, look at her face. The blocked jaw is almost proof positive of juicing. She looks like a man for cryin out loud. Wrok is a naive Obama voter.

  • Guest

    Overeem got booked in the UFC lol.. This is why you are clueless.