Cris Cyborg plans move to bantamweight, ‘retire’ Ronda Rousey like Gina Carano

Cris CyborgFormer Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion and current Invicta FC featherweight champion is firing shots towards UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. The two have traded verbal jabs back and forth for the past couple of years, and many believe that a Cyborg vs. Rousey fight would be the largest fight in women’s MMA history. Cyborg issued a statement to the“Inside MMA” show that airs on AXS TV. It can be read in full below:

“In reference to Ronda’s statement that I am looking for a payday so that I can retire, you’re right, I am looking for a payday to retire you like I did Gina Carano. But to show it’s not only about money, I challenge you to a fight – winner takes all.  Or better yet let’s fight for FREE. ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! Ask your daddy Dana to make it happen.

My English is not that great, so sorry if I was misunderstood. I didn’t literally mean I would die if I made 135. What I meant was that my doctor recommended that I did not fight the rest of my career at 135, which is what the UFC wanted.
You have fought 154 in the Olympics and 145 in MMA. You can meet me at 140 easier than for me to go down to 135. The only reason you want the fight at 135 is because you feel that is your only chance because you hope the weight cut will affect me. You guys say I’m irrelevant, yet watch my highlights. The true MMA fans not only know me, but know I’m the best. Sad that you give the true MMA fans no recognition by saying that they don’t matter.
I’m currently training to fight at 145 on March 28 and in early May. My team has hired a medical doctor to help me make 135. I plan to challenge and win the Invicta 135 Championship in the summer and challenge you, champion to champion, for your 135 belt in December.
Now I know critics will say “I thought you said you would die if you made 135.” All I’m promising is that I will give 100 percent to try to get to 135 to make this plan happen. If I do, I will still listen to my doctor’s advice and fight no more than three times at 135: first to win the Invicta belt, the second time to kick your ass and the third time to kick your ass again so that the world can see it wasn’t luck. You can even have me tested every week up to the fight. That way you will not have an excuse after I kick your ass.”
Strong words from Cyborg, and she even has a plan in place to make the bout come to fruition. She referenced retiring Rousey the way she did Gina Carano. At the time in 2009, Carano was the face of women’s MMA and Cyborg demolished her via first round TKO. Carano hasn’t fought since then and transitioned into a solid movie career. Four questions:
  • Can she successfully make 135 lbs
  • Can she perform the same at 135 lbs
  • Will the UFC actually sign her at 135 lbs and give her an immediate title shot against Rousey(if Rousey is still champion)
  • Would the UFC actually only let Cyborg fight twice at 135 if she had the belt(rhetorical question I know)

Of course, all of this hinges on Rousey successfully defending her UFC women’s bantamweight title against Sara McMann tonight at UFC 170. Stay tuned to for more MMA news and coverage, and join us tonight for UFC 170!

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  • Allan Hamilton

    No…The REAL question is can this ‘roid queen can get clean to pass the UFC tests and remain clean long enough to compete in a match or two before getting a title shot. Sorry, but White has it right – Tito built this box for the queen and now she’s got to figure out how to get out of it and get right with the sport. And that’s no one’s responsibility but her own…she needs to stop whining and get herself in order.

  • jay

    Cyborg will destroy Rousey, cause rousey can’t take her down let alone put her in an armbar. What i would like too see is Gina Carano come back just for title shot bout and beat the SH&T out of “big mouth wanna be a man so bad, thinking she’s sexy cause she looks like she just came out a trailer.” ROUSEY….

  • David Saint

    lol cyborg would have to quit the steriods and PEDs first! so far she hasnt been able to prove she can..why do you think she was ran out

  • David Saint


  • KelvinHunt

    Cyborg has been tested twice since being popped…and passed both times…just saying

  • David Saint

    maybe, but regardless she cheated. Its the same reason i dont like Chael.

  • KelvinHunt

    Do you like Belfort, Overeem, Barnett?….all fighters cheat in some fashion…whether it’s steroids or grabbing the cage to stop a huge takedown….

  • shimel22

    Not for nothing, but there’s a very good chance that when Cyborg ‘demolished’ Carano, she was using PED’s. And while I do think Cyborg off the supplements would probably still win the fight, I do think it would be closer than it was.

  • shimel22

    I’m no Rousey fan (nor am I a Cyborg fan), but I don’t see why she couldn’t take down Cyborg. I am a Carano fan but I doubt Gina would be able to beat Rousey, even in her prime, much less after so long out of the sport (and Carano would have to be crazy to come back to MMA anyway…movies pay MUCH better and less risky).

    One person I’d like to see face Rousey that is never mentioned (not in the UFC currently) is Marloes Coenen, who has a good standup AND a good ground game. Might be too late in her career to beat Rousey (would’ve been a hard fight to call in Coenen’s prime), but I think it’s an interesting fight to consider (though to be fair to the division, it should go: Davis, Zingano (assuming Rousey won the Davis fight), and then it would depend on who has won what int he interim (maybe Eye, Pena or Kaufmann rematch).