Friday, August 1, 2014
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Nate ‘The Train’ Landwehr talks TKO win at XFC 20

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Nate “The Train” Landwehr improved his professional record to 2-0 Friday night with a second round TKO win over Knoxville’s Chris Wright (6-2-1) at “XFC 20: High Octane” at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium in Knoxville, Tenn.

Landwehr set off the the AXStv-televised main card in a big way with some of the biggest body slams we’ve ever seen in an MMA bout.¬†This guy is aggressive, he’s nasty and he is quickly developing a cult following.

Fans of “The Train” will recall our video interview with him from back in June at XFC 18. In fact, that video has become somewhat legendary. Well my friends, if you enjoyed that one, you are really going to love this one. Without further ado, take it away Mr. Landwehr…


  1. LOL…son is wilding…I know any Omega’s that son the fight were probably PISSED….

  2. Nate was offered a contract with the XFC and we are looking for sponsors for him. Call 931-249-6598 and get on board the Train!

  3. that guy is an idiot. Can’t wait for someone to put him to sleep.

  4. Ya dude is an idiot. Won’t be long before someone knocks his ass out

  5. If you can’t wait for someone to knock nate out why dont one of you keyboard champs call him out and fight him?

  6. so call him out home hes got a facebook you guys can set something out he would be happy to oblige.

  7. homie*


    Call him out unless you’re one of those keybooard fighters. Im sure he would be happy to drive out to your house and get that butt.

  9. Say what you will — dude is pretty damn entertaining inside and outside the cage

  10. My 4 year old daughter thinks Nate The Train is the best thing going! She’s got the “Ron Dayley and the boys” quote down pat.

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