Who’s ready for GSP vs. Anderson Silva?! …Unfortunately not GSP

Jones-Silva, Silva-GSP, GSP-Jones, Dan Henderson-Anyone under the age of 55; for fight fans this has been a summer defined by super fight rumors. With the impending return of Georges St. Pierre from his long injury lay off, these rumors and speculations have only intensified with seemingly no end in sight.

And, while the argument can be made that champions as dominant as Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and GSP owe it to fans to go above and beyond recycling through inferior competition at their own weight classes, the fact remains that outside a generous payday, the current class of all-stars has little to gain from crossing division lines.

St. Pierre seems to share this sentiment. The welterweight champ sat down with MMAWeekly to discuss the prospect of facing middleweight legend Anderson Silva. Check out what Canada’s 2010 Athlete of the Year had to say about the possibility of getting in the Octagon with Silva, as well as his upcoming title unification bout with Carlos Condit. Spoiler alert: don’t smash your piggy bank for Pay Per View money just yet.

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