Friday, August 1, 2014
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Look who had a date to the Sons of Anarchy season premiere

There are certain perks that come along with being the most powerful man in pro mixed martial arts. You can do such things as call up Ronda Rousey for a date to the season premiere of a show she’s never even watched and she will say “yes”.

Now, that’s swag baby.

The Bald Father aka Dana White was snuggled up with Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey as they strolled the red carpet for the season five premiere of Sons of Anarchy at¬†Westwood Village Theater in Westwood, Calif. on Saturday night.

We all know FX’s Sons of Anarchy is completely badass. It’s only fitting a badass like Ms. Rousey should be there. However, do you think this is strictly business with her Zuffa boss, or there’s more to it?


  1. Umm…he’s a loser and I think she only went b/c she wants to get into the UFC. If I was in her position, I’d do the same!

  2. Tonya, where would you personally draw the line?

  3. Dana had a man grip on her waist at the :33 mark in that video…..

  4. Yeah he did. You know he wants her.

  5. He looks creepy.

  6. lol…may have already had her…inquiring minds wanna know

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