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The Vidonic Chronicles: Put up or shut up

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  • Bernie Wahl

    Wow. That was not kind nor loving, was it? It will be interesting to see if she is just all talk!

  • Seth Andrews

    im actually a good friend of hers n u never asked to grapple her at the fights cuz i know she would of done it .. n i was at the fightss n didnt see u there.

  • Lil P

    Seth, while I understand you wanting to stick up for your friend. You need to go back and re read my blog. Gina didnt mack herself available till after I posted I had left GF. Thats when all her classiness came out. And as far as being at the fights, I cornered the Main Event, that was switched to co main. That was Jared Torgeson and Leo Bercier. So before you “stick up” for her, please know what you are saying first. Oh and the fight I cornered was Fight of the Night! Good job Jared!!

  • S de Lano

    remember lil p , a person who believes they can train for 2 weeks and fight you is demented. they have no clue how much work you as an athlete do to stay in such condition. they are the type to hit a heavy bag all out for 20 or 30 seconds and be gassed, while you hit it for an hour then turn around and say , ok, now some squats! it would be like beating up a handicapped kid, your too classy for that . but, that being said, if shes dumb enough to show up, pound that chick thru the mat . all my love and admiratrion , can’t wait to see you fight again soon :)

  • Lil P

    Thank you!

  • Seth Andrews

    well according to her she didnt see u there… she doesnt pay attention to the corber people and i know she will eventually come to ur gym..but she said she would only do a striking match muai tai or however u spell that.. with knees n elbows from standup… her striking is really good but noone has seen it but a few people

  • Lil P

    Seth, I am confused with why YOU are commenting and not her? She has my managers number, and he has hers. She hasnt answered any texts or calls. I believe her fight name has “jitsu” in it? Seth, really its about her, not you. So please stop, let her talk, since she had lots to say before.

  • Lil P

    You mean these awesome skills?

  • J. Torgeson

    Thanks Lil P! You are amazing! Gins/Seth should probly watch just who they “call out”, or maybe put the pipe down :-) Thanks again to you and Jason, hope to see you fight next time!

  • Lil P


  • Seth Andrews

    lol when she had the flu….

  • Seth Andrews

    for someone whowanted her to look bad….u only have two comments…that tells you something….she will fight u when the time is right and for u to say you called her that’s bullshit….u never called her…n another thing u blocked her like a little child so gown is she supposed to defend herself….. GROW UP

  • Judo Jenkins

    How cool is it to have a legal fight with someone you have a beef with? And who doesn’t love a grudge match?! Rip it up, Lil P.

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