Faber and Barao face off on UFC 149 media call *AUDIO*

The UFC held a media conference call today for the upcoming UFC 149 card scheduled for July 21 as the UFC makes their debut in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. UFC 149 is headlined with an interim bantamweight title fight between Urijah Faber and Renan Barao. Both Urijah and Renan were on today’s call, along with UFC President Dana White.

The UFC 149 card had myriad setbacks with numerous injuries. When asked if he could recall a card that had as many changes as this one, White said, “No, I’d say this one wins. This one’s the winner. We lost nine to injury and we had to move two other fights. So, I’d say yes, this is the craziest card of all time.”

With Faber and Barao being moved to the main event slot after Jose Aldo was injured, and knowing all the other changes on 149, Faber was asked if he felt any extra pressure to deliver. Faber commented:

“I don’t feel pressure because I know I’m going to deliver. I’ve never had a dull fight in my life. I’ve watched Barao and Barao is the type of fighter that will always have an exciting fight. We’re going to go in there and try to take each other out from the get-go. I really feel like this has potential to be fight of the year. I’ve got a guy who’s on a huge win streak and really talented, and I’m at the peak of my abilities. I’ve been getting better and better over the years and getting comfortable everywhere. There’s no pressure. I know we’re going to deliver. There’s no doubt in my mind. Knowing the other guys on this card; Hector Lombard and Boetsch and all the rest of the guys, Kongo, these guys are never in dull fights. This is probably going to be the most action-packed fight to date.”

Coming off a stint as coach on The Ultimate Fighter Live, Faber was originally supposed to face opposing coach Dominick Cruz in a rubber match, but the bantamweight champ was forced to withdraw due to an ACL injury. Faber gave his thoughts on Barao’s skills compared do Cruz and how he matches up:

“I’d say Renan is very well-rounded. I’d say 99% of these guys that get the title shots are very well -rounded. I think probably the thing he has going for him is just the confidence off coming off 29 wins. He’s human just like anyone else. That long streak is going to come to an end and I’m the one to do it. I mean all these long streaks come to an end. There’s not a guy who’s ended with a streak this long. And I think he’s got really good hands. He’s a little bit slower than Dominick. He’s less tricky than Dominick. The thing that is really going to be something to watch out for are his high knees and leg kicks. He’s trained with Jose Aldo so I expect leg kicks coming out. A lot of the Brazilian fighters lack in wrestling; he doesn’t lack in wrestling but I feel like I’m the better wrestler. He’s pretty fast but I feel like I’m faster. He’s going to be strong but I think I’m going to be stronger. It’s going to come down to who is going to be in better shape, who’s going to be able impose their will, and I think that’s going to be me. I’ll be aware of the weapons he has but ready to out-class him in every way.”

Barao spoke about getting a shot at the bantamweight interim title:

“I was very happy with the opportunity. Obviously it’s a dream, and a dream to fight for the title is not a dream I’ve had just now, it’s something I’ve dreamed about for years. So I’m thrilled to be having this opportunity.”

He also gave his thoughts on Faber’s skill set:

“I’ve watched Urijah for years. He’s not a fighter that I’m unfamiliar with and he’s excellent, he’s a very talented guy. I think his strong points are his takedowns and I also feel when he’s on top in top position he throws some nasty elbows that I’ll have to watch out for and definitely it’s an honor to be fighting him.”

Listen to the entire UFC 149 media call with Faber and Barao by pressing play below, or press play then download to save the audio to your computer:

UFC 149 media call: Urijah Faber & Renan Barao

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