Video: TMZ Live starring Chael P. Sonnen

Celebrity gossip show TMZ Live keeps viewers up to date with the latest news and rumors in the world of entertainment. Notice in the photo to the right the topics of discussion on today’s show included: Ellen, Jennifer Hudson, Bobby Brown, Lane Garrison, Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z — oh, and Mr. Chael P. Sonnen.

Sonnen’s act has clearly crossed the boundaries of the MMA world. Host Harvey Levin finds Sonnen to be an interesting character who breaks the mold of the UFC stereotype.

They bring up a number of topics with Sonnen, including his time running for Congress, his money laundering charges, testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone and of course his now infamous fifth round submission loss to Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title.

As always, Sonnen blurs the line between reality and fiction, between lies and truth, but above all he has mastered this thing called entertainment. He also uses the opportunity to plug his new book “The Voice of Reason” several times. He talks politics and even gets a round of applause from the TMZ crew when he tells them his view on veganism: “Being a vegan is just an excuse to be a snob.”

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