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Cesar Gracie releases statement regarding Nick Diaz no-show against Braulio Estima

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  • Dogcatcher1

    are we setting up a page to vote on who thinks Cesar Gracie is telling the truth and who thinks he is covering for his guy? Isn’t that called “enabling behavior”?

  • twospeed99

    Why does Diaz get blamed for the GSP fight not taking place ?, he could of shown up for all the pressers wearing a pink tutu and the fight still would never of happened CAUSE GSP BLEW HIS F”N KNEE OUT, thats what killed the fight, so quit harpin on the Diaz killed the fight crap, he won’t kiss Dana’s ass and for that he will forever be in the Dana dog house, props to the dude for not caring what any of you haters think, the guys still doin better then ya’ll and your callin him down ??

  • plazamidwood

    Shut up.. shady business with the brazilians looking out for their own. You will get your fight, Diaz will kick that guys ass all over the octagon when the time comes. Welcome to mma Estima learn how to fistfight prettyboy

  • plazamidwood

    from renzo gracies mouth…. read this and shut up with the diaz slander. You haters are worthless and stupid as shit~ think right please.. you spread ignorance cause you hate the guy.. read this……
    renzo’s words………………………………………
    I have to be honest, if there’s someone to blame, it’s me. Even though it was my expo, I had one guy working on it and he was good at organizing it and putting it together. The only thing he’s not good at is dealing with fighters. From what I understand, Junior called Cesar Gracie’s room the night previously at midnight and said Braulio Estima would be 10 pounds overweight. You have to understand, Nick Diaz was already giving up too much fighting that caliber of fighter in BJJ. For Nick to take the match, it shows the kind of guts he has. It ended up turning out the way that it did because the guy dealing with the fighters is an amateur, and he didn’t understand the emotions the athletes go through.”

  • Lackysingh

    That no show at BJJ expo was disrespectful to braulio estima, nick would have got tapped the fuck out anyway! Probably realised it and shit it and made a sharp exit! Man I wish he gets to fight GSP just so that I can see him being grounded and pounded, couldn’t even beat Carlos Condit

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