Video: Ed O’Neill and Dana White talk UFC on Fox Sports’ Barfly

Gracie black belt Ed O’Neill of Married with Children fame and UFC President Dana White joined sports writer Mark Kriegel on the Fox Sports show “Barfly” this week to discuss a myriad of MMA and UFC-related topics.

Barfly: Fight Fans – O’Neill and Kriegel discuss UFC 145 and the main event bout between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. They also criticize the actions of L.A. Lakers’ Metta World Peace who recently threw an elbow strike in a game.

Barfly: Web Exclusive – In this clip the question is posed: Is Ed O’Neill the toughest guy in Hollywood? Kriegel wants to wager with White that he is. Also, remember when White was going to box Tito Ortiz? The topic comes up and White talks about how serious he took the training and reveals he had to have nose surgery afterward.

Barfly: PEDs in UFC – Dana White shares his thoughts on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, the Alistair Overeem situation and drug testing in the UFC. Kriegel poses the question of what should be done to combat PEDs in the UFC? PEDs in baseball is also discussed.

Barfly: Evolution of UFC – White talks about a recent case of food poisoning he contracted. The guys talk about the evolution of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Junior Dos Santos’ potential to be a long-reigning champ. Ed O’Neill criticizes Jon Jones’ punching, but applauds his creativity and wrestling. The guys discuss Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans and Jones’ upcoming bout with Dan Henderson.

Barfly: UFC vs. Mayweather – White is asked if the UFC will punish Overeem over and above what the Nevada State Athletic Commission has already done. Alistair Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos is discussed. The subjects of Chuck Liddell coming out of retirement and the UFC on FOX 3 show airing at the same time as the Floyd Mayweather fight are discussed. White gives his thoughts on Mayweather being allowed to fight (and not go to jail) and talks about a recent chance meeting he had with the boxing champ at a casino. Nate Diaz and the Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz fight is discussed.

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