‘Chael’s Corner’ takes on the MMA media over Alistair Overeem drug testing reporting

In this latest addition of ‘”Chael’s Corner’”, the outspoken middleweight number one contender lashes out at the MMA media during this segment featured on UFC Tonight on Fuel TV. Chael Sonnen claims that the MMA media “screwed up” in the handling of the Alistair Overeem controversy regarding his high testosterone count that was red flagged by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Check the video below:

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  • Mike

    Please… please… don’t ever put stock in anything Sonnen says. This was his tweet right after the news broke: “I’m shocked.. Has the body fat of a tooth brush, looks like the guy on STREET FIGHTER. My mid is blown, just blown.”

    I’ll give Sonnen credit for one thing though: being able to play the media as well as he does and parlay that into attention. Please don’t feed the Chael!

  • Haha…yea I typically take 90% of what Sonnen says with a grain of salt.

  • Mike

    Probably better to take it with an antacid…