The Vidonic Chronicles: Sock monkeys and cry babies

Another week down and two weeks left until I fight on Friday, April 13, at “XFC 17: Apocalypse“.  This will be LIVE on HDNet, so if you purchase tickets on my website by clicking on the fight poster, don’t forget to choose  me as your XFC17 fighter! Thanks for all of your support!

I’m pumped, and feeling great for this fight.  My weight is right where it needs to be this far out.  My diet is generally clean all year round, so I have cut my portions and leaned up by only eating chicken and fish for my meat proteins.  A few other little adjustments and I make weight every time.

I’m functionally large right now. My body is super strong, my cardio and conditioning is top notch; it’s definitely time for me to get into the cage and do some work.

Just to note: Strength training is an important part of being an MMA fighter.  It’s not the ONLY thing I do to train for fights, lifting is only a very small part of my routine. And yes Felice, my muscles will look nice, thank you.

I had a full weekend of training, a charity event and family stuff. On Saturday, Jason, Mark and I went to Cassie’s Cause benefit 5k run/1 mile walk.  Cassie was a bright and beautiful young lady 17-years-old, who passed away mid-March of muscular cancer.

When over 700 people showed up to participate in the event it was amazing! Everyone only estimated approx 400 or so; the community really came together, as we should during times like these.  There were some who couldn’t make it, but still contributed, thanks!

If you can or are able to help with the existing medical expenses, donations may still be made directly to the Cassie Lorenz Fund at Western Security Bank, 2812 1st Ave. North, Billings, Mont., 59101.  Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends.

On Sunday, my teammate Tyson’s daughter, Evani had her first solo dance competition.  So we made time to walk downtown to watch.  She was #32-something (it was the 2nd day of competitions) the house was packed.  She busted out a great performance, which Jason got most of on video, until the ballet cop said he had to stop, and we could buy it up front.  Oh well, great afternoon.

Then we headed over to the gym for a private and some more training of my own.  When we were done training, we texted to see how Evani did. Gold medal baby! So we stopped by after the gym to congratulate her, and check out her gold.  Great job little lady!

Just living life, loving life, and trying to give back as much as possible.  I did an interview with MMA Recap, which was fantastic!  My life is hectic, however, I find ways to laugh through tough times.  Being a pro fighter doesn’t mean I only fight. I have PR work to do, as well as the entertainment aspect.

Like I always say, “To each his own.” I mean this any way it can be taken. So for me “poking” fun at you Felice to hype this fight is entertaining; not only for the fans, but I’m having fun with it.  I haven’t been derogatory, I haven’t called you names, or put down your team.  Oh, sound familiar, you have done all of that, and do you see/hear of me (or my sponsors) crying about it?

Come on, you all know Lola is super cute with her sock monkey. The hilarious part about it is that you cried about it. LOL. By the way Felice, you don’t scare Lola by saying you will put her to sleep. Hahaha, she loves her sock monkey too.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter ~ @LilPatriciamma, on my website which also has a Twitter feed and on Facebook.  Posting pictures everyday (along with the ones below); being postive and bringing “light” to everyday happenings.  There’s a lot going on at my website, especially on the shop page. New shirts coming soon! The proof is below!

A huge thanks to my coach, teammates, family, friends, and fans for your love and support.  Thanks to my gym 4th Avenue Dojo and Alternative Athletics.  Thanks to Jack Bratcher, and the entire Pro MMA Now crew for your continued support.  Thanks to all of my wonderful sponsors ~ Polanti Watches ~ ~ Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ A.C.E.S. ~ Solo Graphics for my banner!

XOXO “Little” Patricia
~ Red Power ~

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow “The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward becoming the top 110 and 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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