UFC’s Ian McCall: ‘I will prove I am number one’

After the dust settled following a corrected scoring mistake that ultimately resulted in a draw between Ian McCall (11-2-1) and Demetrious Johnson (14-2-1) at UFC on FX 2 in Australia, the two now have their date to face off once again at The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale on June 1 in Las Vegas.

The winner will take their rightful place in the finals of the inaugural UFC flyweight tournament against Joseph Benavidez (16-2), who blasted his way through Yasuhiro Urushitani (19-5-6) on the same night the infamous scoring error initially declared Johnson the winner by split decision.

UFC Flyweight Tournament
The winner of the finals between Benavidez and McCall/Johnson will become the first-ever UFC flyweight champion, and that’s exactly what was on McCall’s mind as he made the long trip home from Australia.

Within a week, McCall resumed training, hoping for a rematch with Johnson as soon as next month. With the fight taking place in June instead, McCall continues to focus on what he will change the second time around.

“I just have to fight like I should and I can finish him,” McCall told ProMMAnow.com. “I’ll be more aggressive this time around. That’s a big part of it.”

Despite being the top-ranked flyweight in the world coming into the first bout with Johnson, McCall was the underdog in that bout. He is content to leave the rankings for fan discussion only, choosing instead to prove who is the best inside the cage.

“I’ll prove that I’m number one next time, and then I’ll prove it again when I beat Joe [Benavidez]. I think I match up very well with Joe. I feel that I’m just better at what he’s good at.”

MMA Judges
Before that fight can happen however, Johnson again stands in the way of McCall’s dream to claim UFC gold. Planning on a finish this time around, McCall has his own ideas on what the major issues are concerning MMA judging.

“In this day and age you can’t rely on MMA judging,” McCall said. “I understand it’s hard to judge, but the judges don’t have any MMA experience. I think you should at least have 5-10 MMA fights to be a judge. I think that should be the new benchmark. It would also give retired fighters a job.”

McCall has no plans of involving the judges in June, and promises to his clan of hardcore fans known as the “UGCTT” or “Underground Creepy Top Team,” that he will do everything in his power to keep his people happy with a big win. He stays in close contact with the “UGCTT” through the Underground forum, corresponding with his fans on an almost daily basis.

“I fight for the fans and I will prove that I’m number one,” McCall said. “The UCCTT is my original people. They have faith in me and enjoy watching all of my fights and know more about me than other people. If you are a ‘UGer’ and see me, let me know. If I see you in person, you will get some free gear.”

Who is “Uncle Creepy?”
His transformation into “Uncle Creepy” happened after a friend’s son called him the name one night as a joke. The name stuck, the mustache was grown out, and the rest is Creepy history.

McCall knows that the entertainment aspect of MMA is very important and although “Uncle Creepy” has started to gain an almost cult following, at the end of the day he is dead serious on being the best flyweight in the world and becoming the UFC flyweight champion.

“I know what I’m doing. I got to keep my people happy and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Fans of Ian McCall can visit his website and read his blog at www.unclecreepymma.com, follow him on Twitter at @UncleCreepyMMA and “like” his Facebook Fan Page.

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