Something for every MMA fighter – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson provides ‘The Recipe for Success’

Often times when you come here you read about GSP, Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Jon Jones, Dana White, Bjorn Rebney, UFC, Strikeforce, Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey and the superstars of the game. But to be honest with you this sport is about the people who practice it, those that watch it AND those who do it. Not only the stars.

And we recognize that many people come to ( to read, get entertained and receive information. Hell, on some days there are parents, up and coming athletes, coaches and people who are thinking about the sport that frequent here… and all of these people need the same things in order to do what they do well. And right now, wants to provide you with a little something from Dr. Ferguson…  Here’s the “Recipe For Success.”

Editor’s Note:  We are very fortunate to have someone of Dr. Ferguson’s caliber here at How many MMA sites out there have their own Olympian on staff? It’s simple. If you want to succeed, listen to and study people who have succeeded.  The above video shows Dr. Rhadi Ferguson giving a motivational speech to a group of student athletess at Gonzaga High School in Washington, D.C. My hope is that it will touch a nerve of success in your own life.

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