Interview: Ronda Rousey compares her Olympic medal to Six Flags “fast pass”

Olympic judo bronze medalist Ronda Rousey will attempt to dethrone the Strikeforce 135 pound queen Miesha Tate Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio LIVE on Showtime. Rousey was a guest Thursday on 102.5 FM The Game‘s (Nashville Sports Radio) 1st Quarter radio show with hosts Darren McFarland (@1stQuarter), Brad Hopkins (@H7o2P) and Chris Pappas (@Nashville_MMA).

Rousey discussed the bout and whether or not she really had disdain for Tate:

“The entire time I’ve known her I’ve been trying to take her title away from her. Like I kind of started this and she never did anything originally to piss me off. So that being said, under those circumstances you probably don’t see people under their best light, but she kind of annoys the hell out of me so far. But hey, if we’d met under different circumstances we could have been friends, but under the circumstances I met her under, she’s pretty annoying.”

Rousey just might be the female version of a Chael Sonnen. First of all, she has taken out her opponents in devastating fashion in the cage. But equally impressive has been her ability to draw attention with her interviews. However, because she has only had two fights in Strikeforce, and no fights at 135 pounds, Tate does not feel Rousey is worthy of a shot at her bantamweight title. Rousey disagreed:

“I don’t think she can say I’m not worthy of a title shot because I’m favored over her almost four-to-one. I don’t know what she thinks an Olympic medal is but it’s kind of like the MMA version of a ‘fast pass’ at Six Flags, because it does count for something. I paid a little bit more at the gate so I can skip the line at some rides.”

Rousey also discussed training for the Olympics compared to MMA training, some of her questionable weight-cutting techniques in the past, abandoning her vegan diet, her deadly armbars, Tate’s fighting style and much more.

Listen to the entire 1st Quarter interview with Ronda Rousey below:

102.5 FM The Game interview: Ronda Rousey

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