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Locker room spy-cam: Nick Diaz immediately after Carlos Condit fight

Nick Diaz has been noticeably out of the public eye since his controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 earlier this month. The last public words the MMA world heard from Nick following the fight was when he told Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview that he was retiring…

Until now…

Thanks to some unknown soul who ganked part of Dana White’s UFC 144 video blog and called it a spy-cam we can now see the Stockton brawler’s mindset back in the locker room after the fight. Diaz comments on Condit’s leg kicks saying, “He didn’t have nothing on those kicks. I’ve felt leg kicks before, those weren’t leg kicks.”

Nick and his brother Nate agree he lost the third, and possibly the fourth, but said he knows he won the first, second and fifth. We also get a look at Roy “Big Country” Nelson and the goat’s vagina Fabricio Werdum gave him in the middle of his forehead.

Poll question: Now that you’ve seen the video, which is funnier, the UFC official informing Diaz they want him to go to the post-fight press conference, or Nelson thinking he actually won the fight against Werdum (or the look on Lorenzo Fertitta’s face when he tells him that)?


  1. It’s not an unknown soul with a spycam, it’s Dana White’s vlog camera man. This footage was in his last vlog.

  2. HA! that’s funny — foiled by the video blog hijacker. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Carlos Condit won fair and square just take the lose like a man and move on and try to win again dude stop taking the shine away from the man who won !

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