Product review – Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Probiotic Series protein powder

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Mixed martial artists are among the many athletes who are looking for a healthy and tasty way to supplement their daily protein intake.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of choices out there – different brands, flavors, ingredients, basically as many variations you can think of.  With all of the different choices, there are a couple companies that stand out for the quality product they produce and one in particular that offers a number of excellent choices of different flavors of protein, in addition to some other great supplements.

Gaspari has become known in the MMA world thanks to their sponsorships of UFC fighters Brian Stann and Lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, and most recently, Strikeforce title contender Rhonda Rousey. Thanks to the generous people at Gaspari Nutrition, I had the opportunity to review two flavors of the new MyoFusion Probiotic Series protein powder; vanilla, and the newly introduced cinnamon roll.

First of all, both protein powders tested the same in all categories with the only difference being taste, so all of the comments below apply to both flavors.

I have used both protein powders for just over a month now. At least one scoop of each per day (two different shakes), and sometimes a total of three scoops over a day. I have used the prior version of MyoFusion (without the probiotic) for over a year now and have only alternated between two flavors, milk chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter. I was looking forward to trying these different flavors and they did not disappoint.

First, “mixability”. I mixed all of my protein shakes in a common protein shake container with a blender ball. The powder mixed easily, and it never got stuck in clumps like I have seen happen with other protein powders, and it is not gritty in any way, like I have experienced with some powders. I mixed almost all of my shakes with water (more on this in the taste category). I tried mixing both flavors with almond milk, and while it did not negatively affect the taste or the protein powder becoming fully mixed, I did not like the consistency of the mixture, so I decided to stick with water.  On the few occasions I decided to mix them in the blender, it was usually as part of an acai bowl I was making, and the protein powder mixed well and was evenly distributed throughout the acai bowls.

Second, price. MyoFusion is typically a more expensive protein powder than most, but you absolutely get what you pay for. The different flavors are all excellent, and I never get tired of any of the flavors, in spite of the fact that I’ve used mostly the same two flavors for the last eighteen months. Also, there are numerous sites on the internet where it can be purchased, and by shopping around, you can find some great deals on it.

Finally, taste. The outside of the bottle says “INCREDIBLE TASTE!” While a slogan like this is not unfamiliar on any number of supplement type products, it does hold true for the various flavors of Gaspari protein. The vanilla flavor was exactly what you would expect – great vanilla taste without being too sweet. Clearly a great edition of a staple protein flavor.

I was particularly excited to try the cinnamon roll flavor because I had not tried a cinnamon roll flavor of any type before. It did not disappoint. Often, in trying flavors like this or cookies and cream I find them too sweet and so I do not like to drink them on a regular basis. However, I found the cinnamon roll flavor sweet, but not overbearing. The cinnamon taste was also pleasant, and even after drinking it at least once a day for a month, I still look forward to it everyday.

Both flavors taste great when mixed with water alone, but also taste good when mixed with almond milk or regular milk.  Individual users can obviously customize the shakes to meet their own needs.   Gaspari Nutrition sponsored bodybuilder Flex Lewis even uses the cinnamon roll flavor in pancakes which he makes out of oatmeal and egg whites.  While I have not yet tried the recipe, it sounds delicious.

All of the technical information on the Gaspari products including the specific number of grams of protein, and the information on the probiotic concentration, can be found online at Fans of Gaspari can also find the company on Facebook and on Twitter, @TeamGaspari to keep up with the latest in product releases and contests.

Gaspari also sent me some SuperPump Max and Anavite, and my reviews on those products will be coming soon, so stay tuned to  Also, be sure to check out my interview with Gaspari sponsored MMA fighter Brian Stann at the 2011 Arnold Sports Festival at the Gaspari Nutrition booth.

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