Looks like Condit vs. Diaz rematch could happen (UPDATED)

In case you went to bed early last night, around 11 p.m. ET, the exchanges below took place on Twitter. The main entry to take note of is the fourth one from the top, from UFC President Dana White, who confirmed the rumors of a rematch between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz were true and Condit accepted the fight.

An official confirmation from the Diaz camp has yet to be announced, but White did say in a Tweet Diaz wanted a rematch the very same night at UFC 143. In the first entry below (chronological order) Gracie denied there would be a rematch, but after White confirmed it about an hour later, Gracie then Tweeted, “Things are being reconsidered.”

For everyone who thought Diaz deserved to win the decision over Condit for the UFC interim welterweight title this past Saturday night at UFC 143, it looks as though the Stockton brawler could get another shot. And if you thought Condit was the real winner, he will have the opportunity to cement his position as interim champ.

Don’t expect this rematch to take place in Vegas though, as Gracie feels Diaz can’t get a fair shake from the judges there. Rumors are it could take place Aug. 4 in L.A. as part of UFC on FOX 4, others are speculating the bout could take place in May on Pay-Per-View, but nothing has been officially announced.

UPDATE (Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2:55 ET): Apparently there is an issue in the Diaz camp and this rematch is not happening. Exact details have not been made public, stay close as more information becomes available.

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  • This fight will not be on FOX…pretty sure it’ll be a PPV….I would bet that Condit’s manager will have a stipulation that Condit gets a PPV % from this fight and future fights for agreeing to this rematch.

  • Anonymous

    Now they’re saying the fight is not happening… geez…

  • Bet it’s C. Gracie trying to get more money(since they are likely giving Condit more money to take the fight).

  • Hmm…wonder if Diaz passed his drug test with NSAC….can’t think of any other reason why it ain’t happening…money ain’t the issue and there are no injuries….

  • edub

    I could see either drug test (in which the UFC dodged a major bullet if the judges would have incorrectly ruled for Nick), or Nick just being hard headed enough to keep his retirement word.

    Personally, I’m hoping for Nick to go box.

  • Anonymous

    The whispers are weed, trying to reach out to Kizer now.

  • edub

    Oh, yea figured that one. If he failed for weed in the biggest fight of his career I’ll be sorely disappointed.

    I am an advocate for Marijuana legalization. I support any person’s idea of using recreationally. I also support any person with a prescription for it, especially those that it obviously works for (Nick being one of those).

    However, if Nick messed up pissing or didn’t leave himself enough time to get it out of his system I just feel sorry for him.

    He really should be allowed to use it as he is prescribed it, but he knows he can’t (as he failed for it against Gomi).

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100% with everything you just said.

  • Anonymous

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