UFC Tonight Show Notes: Rashad Evans talks Jon Jones and Dana White talks MMA judging

LOS ANGELES, CA – This evening on “UFC Tonight,” current No. 1 contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Rashad Evans joins us in studio, calls Jon Jones “fake” and explains why he’s going to take the belt. UFC President Dana White gives his first Presidential Address on the state of judging in MMA. In an exclusive interview, Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva calls out Chael Sonnen. And “UFC Tonight” breaks the news on a handful of upcoming UFC fight locations.

“UFC Tonight” Analyst Kenny Florian on UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit: “It was a brilliant performance from Condit. It was such a close fight – it could have gone either way, you can’t say anyone was robbed. The fifth round was the decider. Condit out struck Diaz for most of the fifth round and got it done. The legwork was the difference. Condit never let Diaz get him up against the cage and never let him land the big boxing combinations.”

“UFC Tonight” Insider Ariel Helwani on whether Carlos Condit will wait to fight current Champion Georges St-Pierre: “According to Carlos and his manager, they’re going to wait for GSP. The UFC might have some other plans.”

UFC President Dana White gives exclusive Presidential Address on state of judging: “I’ve said it many times, in the evolution of the sport, one of the biggest problems we have is judging. It’s one of the things that drives me crazy and attention needs to be made to scoring and reffing. First of all it affects guy’s careers. Jon jones should be undefeated right now. There’re tons of those guys in the UFC right now who have been affected by it. Nobody’s perfect. There’s always going to be problems. But the judging and reffing is so bad in mixed martial arts, it drives me crazy. And the fans hate it too. It hurts the sport. These athletic commissions need to tighten up and start working on educating their refs and judges.”

Florian on judging in the MMA: “There needs to be three things done to improve the judging. There needs to be a clear distinction of what winning a round means. The judges need more experience. And they need more education. It’s still a new sport, people are evolving and learning.”

Exclusive interview with Title Contender Rashad Evans on training with Jon Jones: “He came into Albuquerque and I was uncomfortable at first. But then he was a pretty good training partner. It all went wrong when he did an interview with Ariel Helwani and Ariel asked if Jon would fight me? He said he would. If he had called and asked me about it and as long as I knew where he was at, I’d be ok with it, but I would have done anything to keep it from going where it did.”

Evans on what Jones is like in person: “He’s a lot different than people think. When you see him in person, he’s different. He’s kind of fake. He’s not real. That’s something he’s going to have to deal with himself.”

Evans on whether he can beat Jon Jones: “I think I have to tools to beat him. Everyone has the tools to beat anyone in his division. He knows I have the tools to beat him.”

Exclusive interview with Anderson Silva, on his matchup with Chael Sonnen: “A fight is a fight. Chael is good. Chael talks too much. Chael needs training. No more talking – training. Go to Brazil – big problem.”

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