Brutal illegal head kick KO to grounded opponent *VIDEO*

No that's not a monkey in the cage, that's Chad Sermon about to find out what happens when you act like a goofball in a Kentucky MMA cage.

A few fighters have gotten in the habit of keeping one hand on the ground while they move in close to their opponent. Because they are considered “grounded” when at least one hand is on the canvas, they know it is against the rules for their opponent to kick them in the head. But what if your opponent just happens to forget about this technicality and just thinks you are testing out that new monkey style kung-fu you’ve been working on? Well, if you were fighting at Hardrock MMA 43 in Shepherdsville, Ky., this past Saturday night and your name was Chad Sermon, this might happen…

Needless to say, Sermon’s opponent, Brian Kerr was disqualified. See the full Hardrock MMA 43 results here. And see what happened in the co-main event when both fighters busted through the cage door and fell to the floor for a double KO.

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  • Bob

    lol that’s what happens when you act like a douche.

  • That’s not a DQ. Monkey man lifted his hand off the mat when the kick landed, therefore it is legal.

  • Buckwhatup

    Nope. Can’t tell from the video. Looks like the hand was lifted off the cage from the force of the kick. Still a douche.

  • amanda

    It’s funny how you have made a story out of this, and addlibbed your own version of what happened. Everyone keeps saying that he took advantage of the rules and this and that, but No One has asked his story. He did not argue about the ruling, that was the reffs call. He was attempting a move that he had been working on and he knew the risk. The only way to achieve this move with such a tall opponent was to come in low. It didn’t work and he is ok with that, so I wish everyone would quit assuming that he is just some dumb idiot and get your story straight. He is a nice guy, who trains hard and has respect for his fellow fighters. He is an amatuer and is still learning. He does not deserve to be crucified like this. I should know, I am his wife. If anyone would like to know the REAL story, why don’t someone just ask HIM instead of listening to all the random made up drama that is being posted all over the web. Thanks to all those who are actually concerned.

  • Boobabooya887

    i respect you taking up for you hubby sweetie, but no one needs to explain what happened. that’s the beauty of video, it speaks for itself. it might have been a good technique had his opponent not forgot about that little technicality. how’s his nose?

  • Chad Sermon

    15 fights and he forgot the rules well sounds like he needs to be tested for DRUGS cause that is what HIGH people do is Forget :)

  • Dave Chrisman

    I laughed.

  • Shankstertheyetihunter

    Trying a new Monkey Kung Fu that you learned at the intro class of Rex Kwon Do: Free

    Looking like a fool as you break dance around the ring after getting face kicked: Free

    Having your wife defend your dumb ass on a MMA site: PRICELESS.

    Chad, I’ll take fries with that order. LOL.