The top 10 things I should have got for Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of our ( readers! Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? Of course you didn’t, no one ever does.

Someone always gives you some stupid shirt you will never wear or elk print 100% polyester pajamas you would be embarrassed to be caught dead in (yes I got not one, but two pair of elk print 100% polyester pajamas – why are their elks on my pajamas?!! – why do I have pajamas?!!).

So, it got me thinking… as an MMA fan, what would be the coolest possible top 10 presents I could possibly get if I had a genie in a bottle — or my name was Dana White and I had the power to make every single one of these wishes come true.

Here we go…

The TOP 10 Things I Should Have Got For Christmas

10. Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz – Everyone was looking forward to this fight. And why didn’t it happen? Because Nick missed his plane. Yet, he still fought on the same card in the co-main event. Now because it didn’t happen it looks as though we may never see it.

9. Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate – It looks like we may get to see this fight next anyway. I hope so. I just wish I could have woke up this morning and Santa had dropped them both off in my living room, hands wrapped and ready to fight it out while I sat back and drank my egg nog.

8. Ronda Rousey vs.Cris Cyborg – Ronda says once she’s done with Miesha she wants to have a couple more fights then move up and fight Cyborg. While I wish Santa had dropped off Ronda and Miesha in my living room this morning, after that fight, I wish I could have gone straight to my backyard for a little Rousey-Cyborg action backyard brawler style — how cool would that be.

7. Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones – Everyone and their mother wants to see this fight except apparently Anderson Silva. Remember when Silva moved up to light heavyweight in the past, demolishing the likes of Forrest Griffin and James Irvin… so why not go for the gold? Make ’em fight Dana.

6. An iPad like every UFC fighter – Did you see all the UFC fighters showing off their new iPad’s on Twitter? — Damn those elk print pajamas…

5. A UFC fighter’s guide to the proper use of Twitter – This is something I would loan to my fighter friends at the UFC so they don’t get in trouble or lose their job for Tweeting something “inappropriate”. Right now it seems the lines are not so clear.

4. A Fedor sweater – Fedor was at his best when he consistently wore the Ultimate Sweater of Absolute Victory. I want some of that same pastel power that made The Last Emperor so great.

3. Keep the UFC prelims on Facebook – It broke my heart to hear the UFC preliminary cards were being pulled from Facebook. That just plain sucks. Seeing UFC fights for free on Facebook was radical, it was revolutionary, but in the name of “progress” it seems the fans are getting screwed…

2. FUEL TV – The bottom line now is, if you want to see every full UFC fight card, you’re going to have to have FUEL TV to watch the prelims, like it or not.

1. Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem – It’s been a great year for MMA, but literally the biggest fight of 2011 still hasn’t happened yet. Fans have waited a long time to see Overeem in the UFC, and who better to welcome him to the party and put the best heavyweight striker to the test than one of the division’s elite wrestlers? The great thing about this gift is we are all actually going to get it, even if we have to wait a few more days — it will be worth the wait. Remember, Lesnar vs. Overeem headlines UFC 141 this Friday, Dec. 30th!

Alright that’s it, no use thinking about all the other stuff I didnt’ get. I’m gonna go be thankful and enjoy what I did get and play some Call of Duty 3 (my present to myself) in my new elk print polyester jammies.

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