Mixed Martial Arts Training: Boxing for MMA by Anderson Silva

In ProMMAnow.com’s Mixed Martial Arts Training segments we will be featuring MMA instructional videos and lessons for all aspects of the sport. This lesson is “Boxing for MMA” as taught by  one of the greatest strikers in the game today, reigning UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this in-depth instructional from “The Spider” goes over fundamentals that any fighter can benefit from. Lessons include: footwork, punching techniques, parrying techniques, blocking techniques, evasive movements, dirty boxing clinch, shadow boxing and sparring.

There is an extra treat near the end (approx. 1:28:00 mark) that shows a high impact sparring session with Silva and a partner and also four rounds of Anderson Silva working on focus pads with Freddie Roach at Wild Card Gym.

This DVD as well as other Anderson Silva instructional videos are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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