The Human Cockfighter Blog: Battle at Midway

Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter.

We traveled to Columbia, Missouri this weekend for Battle at Midway, a Midwest Fight League promotion. Midway is home to a truck stop on Interstate 70 just west of Columbia.

It has recently been home to The Travel Channel’s “Truck Stop Missouri,” a reality-esque show, highlighting the stop’s 12 businesses and daily dealings.

The card was filled with eight amateur bouts, including two title bouts. Jett Jones was the most dominant fighter on the card, finishing his opponent, Daniel “Red” McClenden, via triangle choke early into Round 1. Jett defeated Alex McKinney, 12-0, last weekend in Marshall, Missouri via triangle as well. He thumps and rolls well, representing Caveman Crew, out of Raytown, Missouri.

“Red” is a sight, to say the least. This tall, gangly, red-headed, young man walks around in wore out shoes with a smug look on at all times. We have never spoke, but I can tell from observation that he is game. I have seen him fight upon every trip to Columbia, and look forward to seeing him again. He is new to this game, but up for the challenge and hungry for its lessons. Keep thumpin’ brother.

Plentiful are the characters that I encounter on my weekend journeys around the Midwest. I don’t visit the big shows and interview the big names. I travel to the outskirts, the dirt roads, the holes in walls, the knucklehead saloons and the seedy joints. That is where the individuals live, unencumbered by society’s expectations and free to work toward their own image of salvation.

You could call my movement grassroots, if it’s a movement at all. I love people, and I will do my part to remind my neighbors of just how precious we all are. That is my fight.

Individuals flourish in areas of low regulation. Like a plant, if you leave it alone, it will grow. Just have faith. Rules, laws, regulations, mandates and taxes do nothing to progress individuals. Without strong individuals, only the society is strong. Within a strong society works far too many slaves, while members of strong communities work freely toward their own progress.

The only progress we have made is the progress toward social culpability. People want to be accountable for their own work. When individuals work to mind their own business, communities progress. Strong governments diminish individualism and weaken communities.

My most recent ex-girlfriend said to me, “Why do you think you have to do that?” I said, “I don’t have to do anything. I do what is good for my community, and I have faith in my own progress.”

I have never yearned for a house in the suburbs paid for by a corporate job with guaranteed benefits and retirement packages. I don’t drive an imported car and I don’t eat out daily.

I cook my own meals, drive a Ford and thump strangers…because it’s good for the community. I can see the results of my labor first hand and I teach lessons daily. The money isn’t plentiful, but the intangible rewards are endless.

I sleep well at night, eat healthy, natural meals, drive a truck made by my neighbor, wear my own clothes, teach daily, tell non-fiction stories and speak honestly to strangers about real life issues. I am doing something. It’s not too late for us each to embrace our own individualism. Mind y’own business.

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