KSW 17 fight video: Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. James Thompson

Five-time World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski (4-2) got his shot at revenge Saturday at “KSW 17: Revenge” in Lodz, Poland, when he took on English heavyweight James “The Colossus” Thompson (16-45, 1 NC), who bested him earlier this year with a submission win at KSW 16 back in May.

The bout ended with Pudzianowski getting the majority decision win after two full rounds. However, we here at ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) actually scored the fight a draw in our KSW 17 LIVE play-by-play, and Thompson was definitely not pleased with the decision (watch what he has to say after the bout (27:51 mark).

So check out the fight and see what you think, then sound off with your opinion in the comments section below. We want to hear your thoughts! Also, check out the KSW 17 main event fight video between Mamed Khalidov vs. Jesse Taylor.

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  • Remikus

    Are you kidding me? What was that? Several take downs, controlling almost all the fight and dude is losing? Joke…

  • Peteccfc

    What a farce, James Thompson took Pudzianowski down at will in the 1st and was in side control throughout, 2nd round Pudzianowski landed one punch that wobbled Thompson, however still ended being mounted, and grabbing the ropes in front of ref and landing cheap cowardly shot at Thompson……….KSW should hang their heads in shame

  • Jck

    Well… I’m a Pole myself and as much as I would like to see our guy winning I have to admit that Pudzianowski lost this one. Draw would in my opinion be a very generous verdict butt to say that pudzianowski won it’s a big fat joke! Hope that pudzian himself inst happy with this decision, otherwise he’s as bad as the KSW.

  • Ol

    James Thompson had dominant positions for most of the fight, Pudzianowski managed two or three brief positions. Bailed out by the ref in round 2 Mariusz lost that fight. KSW have shot their reputation to bits with that “decision”.

  • Czarn-na

    I’m also from Poland and the only thing I can say is that 80 % of Pudzianowski’s fans knows that he shouldn’t have won that fight.
    KSW is pretending to be a serious federtion, but now we all know that it’s a “fucking joke”

  • Calico Kid

    I love Thompson’s comments after the fight. I still haven’t figured out why KSW only uses two rounds, but then some of the fights had a third shorter round — is this a tie breaker or something? really bizarre.

  • MC Hammer

    Thompson got robbed. Feel bad for that guy. I’m glad he spoke up and told the audience what they already knew. As the camera panned the audience many of the attendants looked baffled as how Marius won.

  • Whforseiyght

    I watched this fight and what I saw was that Thompson was did not get robbed, he got defeated. He had some take downs, but he could not use them for shit. He got badly beaten and if the fight last another 10 seconds he would get knocked out. So, live with it losers.

  • Hubba Bubba

    Low water mark in the annals of MMA,

  • Switchblade

    ufc should import some ring girls from Poland.

  • Urinium

    2 round fights are for pudzianowski, he wouldnt last 3 round one with extra 4th round. we’ve seen it before. Pudzian is just a money maker for ksw, real one to watch is mamed

  • Milunia012

    I am a Pole and a shame for me because the NSS verdict was clearly visible from Thomson won.