GFC 10 fight video: Welterweight Dustin West KO’s heavyweight veteran Johnathan Ivey

Dustin West has a huge following in middle Tennessee. Photo by Josh Cross for

At 35-years-of-age perennial heavyweight MMA journeyman Johnathan Ivey, at one time or another, has fought just about every big name fighter over 205 pounds you have ever heard of, and many more you have not.

This past Saturday night at Gameness Fighting Championships 10 in Nashville, Tenn., Ivey took on Strikeforce veteran Dustin West, a 32-year-old former Marine who trains out of Nashville MMA and who normally fights at… wait for it… welterweight — that’s right, 170 pounds.

The match-up was even more unusual considering Ivey, who has been fighting professionally since 1998, is a veteran of over 80 professional bouts, while West had exactly 8 pro fights coming into the bout. Despite the differences in weight and experience, West’s speed and power proved the deciding factor.

There is some disagreement as to the exact time the fight ended; some say 9 seconds, others say 14 seconds. But regardless of the exact amount of time it took, the result was the same. West connected with a big left hand that sent Ivey face first and unconscious to the canvas for the first time in over 13 years of fighting…

And did I mention West is a welterweight?

For the complete fight card results see our exclusive GFC 10 LIVE results and play-by-play¬†article, and also check out¬†’s exclusive GFC 10 photo gallery.

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  • Dustin did a great job and did get the KO over Ivey but Ivey passed out twice before the weight ins and the EMT had to be called. The EMT and I wanted Ivey to drop out of the fight but wait for it….Ivey refused to drop because he signed a contract and was the headliner. Ivey who does normally fight at 265 dropped over 50lbs for this fight and was not in good health because of the major cut. So while everyone celebrates Dustin’s win, let’s also think about what would have happened if Ivey was healthy for this fight.

  • KarmaSux

    Wait for it….wait for it…here comes the excuse comment…

  • Anonymous

    That’s insane Ron. I couldn’t even believe this fight got made to begin with. What was the actual weight for the fight Ron?

  • Wait for it… another prick who doesn’t have the balls to use their real name.

    There are records of the EMT coming out, the match maker was called and told about what was going on. Dustin won the fight, Ivey hasn’t made any excuses, I am only letting you know a little of the behind the scenes details. But Karma you continue to be a Jock sniffer and live through your hero.

  • The fight was set for 210 but we stopped cutting after the EMTs showed up. Ivey Weighted in at 220lbs.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I can’t even imagine Ivey at 210.

    (im never using “wait for it” in another article) lol

  • Jeff Hobbs

    This whole thing is so ridiculious and somewhat disrespectful to both fighters and the journey they took to get to fight night.

  • So now Jeff you are using your name. I was just stating the facts, you were the disrespectful one with the “here comes the excuses” comment. How unprofessional for a match maker to make comments about a fighter on their card.

  • Jeff

    Wasn’t making comments about a fighter in my card. I was making the comments about you. As soon as I saw this story come up, I knew it was a matter of seconds before you made your rounds and came here too to try and taint this win. Fight night is over, match maker duties are done, I’m speaking as Dustins manager and I, as well as he, think it’s absolutely disrespectful that you spent 2+months “guaranteeing” a victory and then when it simply didn’t go your way, you couldn’t just leave it be. There had to be a “story” behind the loss. There is no story bro. 14 seconds. Dustin didn’t leave any time for their to be a story. I spoke with Ivey again today and he himself said he didn’t agree with anyone trying to take this victory away from Dustin. The fight wasn’t lost because of weight cutting and if you watch the video, you cam clearly see, the fight was lost because fundamentally, Johnathan rushed in hands were low, underestimated his opponents power and tried to left hook a left hooker.

  • Johnathan I and I both think Dustin did exactly what he had to do and have no issues with him. But for a fat guy who has never stepped in a gym to train to post under a different name (karma sux) and to act as if Ivey didn’t have the EMTs come out the day before the fights is bull shit. Don’t forget that as long as you are a jock sniffer and hang out at fights and ride on Dustin’s coat tails you will run into me at a show and I will remember any disrespectful crap you said. I am always 100% honest and at times it has cost me friends but I don’t give a damn, I am 100% honest and I am not two faced like you coming into the dressing room talking about how you feel like you made a new friend with Ivey just to hack him on the internet. Ivey did rush in after cutting Dustin (it wasn’t a headbutt). He rushed in because he knew he wasn’t right and had to end the fight as fast as he could and he got caught for doing so. Instead of gloating about Dustin’s win, have respect and give Ivey props for fighting when he shouldn’t have. Just like you asked that Ivey (night of the weight ins) to be respectful to Dustin for fighting a guy 10lbs heavier then he was.

    You, me and Ivey have talked over the last month or so about “guaranteeing a victory” to help you sell tickets. Ivey fought for GFC when he shouldn’t have and look at the way you thank him. It must be nice to live in your fat cocoon bubble and never train or break a sweat and just think that you know everything Jeff.

  • Dwest0222

    Ron shut up. All you do is talk. The fight is over. Ivey doesn’t need you to talk for him. His career of fighting whoever whenever speaks for itself. The dude has fought since 1998 and never been ko’d. That’s unreal! So I was as shocked with the outcome of the fight as anybody. Shit happens.I cut 40 lbs to fight 170 so I know its tough. I respect the shit out of John and everybody else that fights for ssf but for you to tough talk a guy that doesn’t even train is just pussy. If you see me at a show come bully me. Or you could act like an adult. Get John a good diet so he can fight healthy and get back on track.

    Dustin “Powder” West

  • Dustin are you running to the aid of your boyfriend? I talked to Jeff today and we have settled things but I will tell you the same thing as I told him so you shut up. Nobody was bulling anyone.

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