UFC Undisputed 3 Predicts Velasquez to retain title Nov 12 on FOX

I know we are all getting excited for the UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos fight that will take place this weekend. I’ve given my prediction and preview of the fight and it seems as though the  UFC Undisputed 3 simulator agrees with me as well.  Check it:

In a video preview for this weekend’s hotly anticipated UFC debut on FOX, THQ and UFC Undisputed 3 have ran a simulation of the title fight between the #1 and #2 Heavyweight fighters, Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos—with Velasquez retaining his Heavyweight title via Technical Knockout. 

Despite some big hits from dos Santos early, including a devastating left kick to the head, Velasquez shows a relentless ground game that pays off with a flurry of right hooks, forcing the referee to stop the fight.  Highlights from this video simulation can be found below, through a direct download link or an embedded YouTube video, and anyone can visit the UFC Undisputed 3 Facebook page to predict the fight and have a chance at winning a copy of UFC Undisputed 3. 

So don’t be scared homie. Hit the comments section below and tell us how you think the fight is going to go down this weekend and then hit the UFC Undisputed 3 Facebook page above for your chance to win a copy of the game!

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