UFC 137 reaction: Immediate thoughts and commentary

I have to say that prior to the main event of UFC 137, I would have really been upset had I paid for it instead of going to the bar. However, the main event was a pretty good scrap between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz. I went 3-2 on my predictions for the event(main card), with the two losses due to guys basically fighting totally opposite of how they needed to fight to win their respective fights. Anyways, let’s get to the individual fighters:

  • Hatsu Hioki seems to small to be at featherweight. Japanese fighters have never been good at cutting weight and that was apparent with Hioki as he seemed way to small to be in there with George Roop. I thought the judges got the call correct with Hioki winning the decision. However, with Hioki being top three in the world according to most people I saw nothing from him that says he has a remote chance of besting Jose Aldo if they fought. He’d probably lose to Chad Mendes too.
  • Scott Jorgensen fought Jeff Curran just like I thought he would to get the decision win. However, I have to say that I was impressed with Curran in the losing effort. His striking was better than I gave him credit for and of course his guard on the ground is very slick.
  • Thanks for the memories Mirko Cro Cop. I have the upmost respect for him since he came to the UFC instead of fighting cans in Japan. However, I knew that Roy Nelson would probably find that ‘stop button’ on Mirko’s chin at some point. Nelson has no business calling out the winner of Junior dos Santos/Cain Velasquez, but that’s the quirky humor one can expect from Nelson I suppose. He should fight Cheick Kongo next.
  • I have no idea what Matt Mitrione was doing in there against Cheick Kongo. If he actually threw strikes instead of dancing he probably would have knocked Kongo out. Instead, he got taken down and lost a decision. By the way, I have no eartly idea how one of those judges scored the bout 30-27 for Kongo. Mitrione isn’t close to being a contender, but maybe this loss will light a fire under him to get better.
  • BJ Penn and Nick Diaz put on a fight to basically save this event and we should be thankful that Penn fought to please the fans instead of fighting to win. He basically blocked punches with his face the last 8 minutes of the fight instead of taking Diaz down like he did in the first round. Those of you that are Diaz fans(I’m a fan), I still didn’t see anything from him that tells me he beats Georges St. Pierre. Diaz would be on his back every round with GSP in his half guard grinding out a decision.
  • Donald Cerrone is quitely creeping up the lightweight ranks. Give that man a top ten fight.
  • Tyson Griffin might wanna call it quits or something. I don’t understand how a fighter that used to be good…got bad so fast?

Was it me or was there A LOT of empty seats in the arena? I know the bar I was at was pretty much empty and that’s a pretty good indicator that this PPV will not do well in regards to buys. What are your thoughts on the event?

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