White discusses Strikeforce’s future, Spike and displays selective memory regarding Kenny Florian

AOL’ s Ariel Helwani covers quite a bit in this interview with UFC President Dana White following Wednesday’s UFC 136 press conference in Houston.

It seems from this that Strikeforce’s fate could be known soon, whether they will continue as an organization or fold completely into the UFC. White said he was meeting with co-owner Fertitta today to discuss the topic.

And just from the tone of White’s voice it almost seems as if he already knows and he knows we know what the future will be. And we do know, don’t we.

Also, remember when White said top bantamweight contender after just one fight Kenny Florian “choked” in the big fights? If you do, you’re doing better than the man who said it. Here’s what White said today:

“I never said he chokes. It’s not about choking. What I said is that he doesn’t fight the same. He doesn’t fight the same way in title fights that he does in regular fights. He’s moving forward, he’s aggressive, he goes after guys, then when’s he’s fighting title fights he does this running circles thing, pushing guys against the fence. He doesn’t fight like Kenny Florian in title fights. That’s what I said. If he goes out and fights like Kenny Florian fights in regular UFC events, I think he’d do a lot better. But again, that’s coming from a guy who’s a fan…”

White also discusses the return of Chael Sonnen, how Brian Stann is the most respected fighter in the UFC, Jon Jones’ new Bentley, Spike and of course the Maynard-Edgar fight.

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