The MMA Outsider Podcast Episode 25 – UFC 136, Bellator 53 and Special Guest Josh Cross

In honor Apple introducing the iPhone 4S instead of the rumored iPhone 5 and some websites (cough) still not working properly with Firefox, we had decided not to have any guests this week.

But then Kurt Angle started babbling about how he had offers from the UFC — again — and Dana White immediately shot down those rumors like he always does. Well, it turns out White did discuss Angle being on The Ultimate Fighter 10, but that doesn’t count, right? To sort through the ramblings of a former WWE champion that seems to generate news headlines every time he mentions mixed martial arts, we brought in’s Josh Cross, the resident pro wrestling insider in the MMA journalism community.

Thanks to some fancy editing, we cut the show down from over 2 hours to the 40 minutes or so in front of you. How, you ask? Simple. We cut out the hour-plus that Richard wasted trying to find his lock of the week. He could’ve selected a fight from one of the major cards, but he’s obsessed with finding obscure bouts to pretend like he’s smart. In fairness, our delusions of self-importance make the MMA Outsider the best show pre-recorded on Skype by two guys from the Washington, D.C. area. That isn’t a claim we make lightly.

Oh yeah, there is also some of the usual UFC 136 and Bellator 53 preview crap. Enjoy.

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