Fist-ta-Cuff Radio welcomes guests Mark Pavelich, Sabah Fadai, Joey Beltran and Anthony Pettis Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. ET


Show 111 kicks off with a bang! Trust me when I say this show is one you don’t want to be a minute late to. We got a man who never worries about biting his tongue and owns MMA in Canada. We also have one of his most recent signees who is looking to put his stamp on the organization. With a record of 7-1 he is one not to sleep on and the kid has fight!

Second hour is stacked like boxes in a storage unit, and these two kats could put you put you in a box! We got one of the heavy hitters of the Heavyweight division in the UFC and the man who electrifies and brings fireworks with him every time he steps in the cage! I told you the show was loaded, so keep reading if you haven’t figured out who the guests are…….

Mark Pavelich

Our first guest I said doesn’t hold his tongue like the show doesn’t pull punches, so you know you’re in for a treat. Mark Pavelich, the owner and front man for Canada’s biggest MMA Promotion MFC! That’s right, the first hour is all Maximum Fighting Championship.

We will talk to Mark about his upcoming card, still having a strong hold on Canada, his future plans for the promotion, the promotion being for sale, his current stable of champions, and much more. I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink… So get the show on your speakers early or die from thirst!

Sabah Fadai

Next up is the man who recently signed with the MFC. Let me tell you if anyone in this sport has a story to tell I can’t wait to hear this guests… “The Persian Warrior” Sabah Fadai has a story that I don’t think matches anyone in this sport and wait till you hear it.

All I have to say is I don’t think we have ever had on a guest who can tell you about sacrifice like Sabah can, from walking through mountains with his family to escape a grave circumstance, to teaching Kickboxing in the Philippines and is debuting at MFC 31. We will talk to Sabah about his journey to this point that you won’t want to miss, his future goals which I know include being the first Persian champ, but we will dig like we are in Egypt, and much more!

Joey Beltran

Second hour gets kicked off with one of my favorite Heavyweights, Joey Beltran. The Mexicutioner is stepping back in the shop and you better be careful cause you might get cut. Joey is stopping back into the shop to chop it up about his upcoming fight against Stipe Miocic at UFC 136.

Since the last time we had Joey on he has completed a complete camp, put on a summer camp for kids, and so much more. Trust and believe we will breaking down everything with Joey. We will talk about his summer camp which I can’t wait to talk to Joey about as I know how passionate he was about it. Joey is always a great guest and
this time will prove no different.

Anthony Pettis

Okay it’s not Fourth of July, but we don’t need an excuse to bring you FIREWORKS! When I say fireworks I mean one of the most explosive fighters in the world, a guy who leaves more in the cage than most. This guest comes up with a new highlight reel every time he is in the cage. Anthony “Showtime” Pettis is pulling up a chair at the shop to chop it up about his upcoming fight against Jeremy Stephens at UFC 136.

We will talk to Anthony about his camp coming into this fight, fighting the bigger man, opening up his own bar and his entreprenegro skills. This kat is young and already making business moves to build an empire. You gotta respect that or get kicked in your face! Showtime brings it hard every time on the show and this one will
be no different.

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