The Vidonic Chronicles: Fight Week

Here we are, fight week, it’s finally here!  I just have to say, I love MMA; all of the hard work I put in, I definitely get back out.  Blood, sweat, and pain, it’s all part of living my dream.

We fly out Thursday, weigh in Friday and fight Saturday night.  In the last week I have done a bunch of interviews, and PR work.  Friday I was on a local Radio Station Hot 101.9 with Big J and McLovin.

Sunday I spoke with Brandon from Fallout MMA out of Chicago.  Monday I went LIVE  at noon with Laura on KLUR 8, here in Billings.  My awesome friends at threw me an email interview as well.

Tuesday evening I spoke with Dean Hensley, the sports editor with the Hendersonville Times-News.  He did an awesome write up on me, you can check it out on

All of these are to help promote BlackEye Promotion 5 Breast Cancer Beatdown, myself and WMMA.

Last and certainly not least, Friday I will be on Scene on 7 with Kimberly Kelly at 7:30PM EST.

I am very excited to be showcasing my talent and sportsmanship in the great state of North Carolina.

Between all of this and still being in the gym, we got the pleasure of finding a hidden treasure across the street form the gym, The Dino Lab.

First off, Nate Murphy  (the owner and curator of The Dino Lab) is a great guy who has discovered many new and old species of dinosaurs.

He heads out excavations or digs, brings them back to the lab (which is a state-of-the-art fossil preparation lab here in Billings, Mont.), cleans, assembles and studies these pre-historic creatures.

A lot of these bones have been crushed (yet preserved) from the earth’s weight on them over time.  One-hundred-and-fifty million years!!

He demonstrated how they use the sand blasting machine to clean off the dirt from the fossils; the abrasive that Nate uses is a dental grade baking soda, it’s softer than the bones, so there is no damage!

After he was done, Jason was the very first (I was the second) person to ever touch a 150 million year old dinosaur bone!!

Thousands of voluntary man hours and a couple years are what it takes to put a specimen back together.  In 2001 Nate and his team of volunteers from the Judith River Dino Institute unearthed a 77 million year old Brachylophosaurus which had skin and muscle tissue covering more than 90% of its body!!!

The mummified remains of its last meals were still in its stomach and digestive tract.  The team named the dinosaur, Leonardo.

Nate has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Best Preserved Dinosaur,” the mummy dino!!  The Dino Lab offers tours, fossil prep courses in the off season and also a six day summer dig for the big time dino enthusiast.

There is a fossil gallery where you can even buy your own pieces of pre-historic dinosaur bones.  Not to mention if you are a rockhound, this is also a place for you, a wide variety of gems and minerals that will catch your eye!

This has been quite an interesting week.  I am 100% ready for this fight, I am bringing nothing less than my A game and I am going to put on a phenomenal show for all the spectators in N.C. and all over the world via!!

I want to thank everyone for following me on my road to the top!  I would like to thank Col. Tim and The Media Blast for hooking me up with some great media coverage.

Jack Bratcher and for putting me out there to all of you, and allowing me to blog for you each week.  I want to thank my fans, family and friends who are continually supportive of me!  My coach, manager, and husband Jason for taking care of everything for me, so I can focus of training and fighting.  All of the other coaches at The Grinders Grindhouse and all of my sparring partners there, who I get to rough up and they kick my butt on a daily basis.

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Little Patricia

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow The Vidonic Chronicles” as she prepares for her next fight and continues her journey toward becoming the top 110-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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