UFC champ Anderson Silva dances with Brazilian pop singer Marisa Monte in new music video

Anderson Silva dances with Marisa Monte to her song "Ainda Bem".

Martial Arts has long held a close kinship to music and dance. Joe Rogan has often referred to what Anderson Silva does as a “ballet of violence”. The art of Capoeira, of which Silva is a practitioner, is deeply rooted in dance and music. Muay Thai matches are traditionally accompanied by music, martial art tournaments often involve practitioners performing their routines and katas to music, and Manny Pacquiao loves karaoke — the examples are endless.

In the following music video, UFC middleweight champ and no. 1 ranked pound-for-pound king, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, shows his prowess on the dance floor as he accompanies Brazilian pop singer Marisa Monte in a sensual ballroom style routine to her song “Ainda Bem”. And he pulls it off perfectly.

Could you imagine UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes doing this? What about Roy Nelson? Of course not. But the Champ looks completely natural and fluid as he whirls, twirls and dips the beautiful singer. It is quite a contrast to Chuck Liddell’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars where the Iceman’s intensity likely made the audience feel if they dared laugh at him he would smash them to bits.

Marisa Monte explained why she wanted to work with Anderson Silva and also reveals the dance was NOT rehearsed:

‘ “AindaBem” talks about the lucky and happiness aspect of encounters. I thought a dance would be the perfect image to give shape to this idea. My first thought was to call someone that enjoyed dancing like me, but that was not necessary a professional dancer. That is when I remembered the MMA champion, Anderson Silva.

I had seen, some time ago, him dancing like “Michael Jackson” as he was entering into a fight.
I was fascinated by the fact that he was “The Champion” and had the moves for dancing. It was such a contrast: strength and delicacy, lightness and weight.

I invited him, and he graciously accepted. The recording took place during an afternoon in a studio in Rio deJaneiro. We had not rehearsed together before and we danced in a very freestyle way. The result is what you see in the video and I hope you like it.”

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